New Icon SBCs - Now Available In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

We present you the new Prime Icon Moments SBCs (Source: EA Sports)
Finally, the wait has come to an end! A few days after the start of the Fut Player Days EA Sports has released three new Prime Icon Moments SBCs to the delight of many FIFA Ultimate Team fans. After many users were disappointed by the release of the new icon SBCs last week, they got three new icon SBCs this week, which are worth seeing! We would like to present them to you in detail.

Peter Schmeichel (93)

As one of the best goalkeepers of his time, Peter Schmeichel shone with wonderful saves and was known for his great reflexes. This is also reflected in his incredible stats like (97) reflexes and (94) diving. With a height of 6’’4 and his link possibilities, he will surely be very popular among many users.

According to Futbin, you can currently complete the SBC for a price of 430,000 coins. A high price when you consider that this is the goalkeeper position. By completing the SBC, you can get the card 150,000 coins cheaper than it´s offered on the transfer market. However, you have to keep in mind that you could also improve your team with many of the best goalkeepers in the game, who are offered on the transfer market for only a fifth of the value of Peter Schmeichel. Furthermore, the card is untradeable, and you won´t get back the coin value of the card once you complete the SBC.

It is also important to know that the goalkeepers in FIFA 21 have their own meta and every user prefers a different keeper in his team. One thing is for sure! If you complete the SBC of Peter Schmeichel you will have a goalkeeper in your club who can stand in your goal until the end of FIFA 21. Is he your goalkeeper and will his performance live up to his price of 430,000 coins? That is the question that only you can answer.

Rui Costa (91)

In Portugal, Rui Costa is still one of the best central attacking midfielders the country has ever seen. For a price of 670,000 coins the Portuguese playmaker is now available in its best version as an Icon SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Compared to his Prime Icon, his shooting upgrade of (+7) stands out the most. Also worth mentioning are the upgrades of his speed (+2), passing (+2), dribbling (+2), physicality (+3) and the new Outside Foot Shot trait, which he received on his Prime Moments version. Due to his massive in-game stat upgrades (+11 Long Shots, +10 Shot Power, + 7 Finishing, +6 Composure), he could now become a weapon in the attack with a Hunter or Engine chemistry style.

According to Futbin, the SBC only saves you 120,000 coins compared to its market price. Considering that you can currently buy his tradeable version for a bit more than 100,000 coins on the transfer market, the value of the SBC seems a bit weak. However, if you are able to save coins for the SBC by using untradeable players, it might be worth considering completing the SBC to improve your attack.

Michael Ballack (92)

With Michael Ballack, Germany and the whole world were able to witness one of the best box-to-box midfielders of all time. To the delight of many users, the midfielder is now available in its best version as an Icon SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. With all stats beyond the 80 mark, the German belongs to the famous Gullit Gang. Compared to his Prime Icon, the shooting upgrade of (+3) and the dribbling upgrade of (+4) stands out the most. Also worth mentioning is the change of his work rates from (DEF/High – ATT/Mid) to (DEF/Mid – ATT/High). With a Shadow or Engine chemistry style Michael Ballack can take over the role of the defensive midfielder but can now also be used as an offensive box-to-box midfielder. Due to his perfectly balanced overall stats and his size of 6’’2, the German can be used on different positions and reminds of a slightly toned down version of Ruud Gullit.

According to Futbin, you can complete the SBC for 1,250,000 coins which saves you 350,000 coins compared to its market price. Still a lot of coins when you consider this is only one of eleven players in the whole team and he is untradeable. However, many players can complete the SBC at a much lower price due to untradeable Players in their club.

One thing is for sure! If your Team is still missing a great box-to-box midfielder and you have the possibility to integrate a player of this value into your team, this card is surely recommendable. With Michael Ballack you will have a great box-to-box playmaker in your team until the end of FIFA 21.
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By Patrick Kreichgauer

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