4 FIFA21 ratings that make absolutely no sense

By Coach Alex

Last week, EA finally revealed what we’ve all been waiting for – the list of the top 100 players in FIFA21 is finally online and some of the ratings were…surprising to say at least. While EA got most of the players right, especially the top 20 players have a lot of shockers this year. In this blog we’re showing you 4 players who’s rating is either way too high or too low – let’s go.


Thiago has had another outstanding season. The Spaniard was the heart in the midfield of treble winners Bayern Munich. Thiago initiated pretty much every attack of the german record champions and after years of the press critisicing him for disappearing in big games, he finally proved that he can be a clutch player as well, performing outstandingly in DFB and UCL final. Last season, Thiago scored 3 goals and gave 2 assists, but his game cannot be defined by his stats.

The 29 year old is one of the best, if not the best midfielder in the world when it comes to dribbling and passing. In our opinion, Thiago definitely deserved an upgrade for his outstanding season but it seems like EA thinks otherwise. The midfield maestro got an 85 rated card in FIFA21, thats worse than Pogba and Fabinho (both 86 rated) who definitely had a bad season.

Jadon Sancho

The Dortmund youngster is one of the biggest talents in the world of soccer. Last season he was able to manifest his status as a super talent once again. With 20 goals and 20 assists in 44 games, Sancho was one of the top scorers in Europe. With a market value of 117 million euros, he’s also one of the most valuable players in the world.

EA honored his incredible season with a deserved upgrade from 84 to 87. While this is definitely a good rating for the 20 year old, 2 stats stand out: 74 shooting and especially 83 pace. A player who scores 20 goals in one season (keep in mind that he’s a winger) should have at least 80 shooting in our opinion. A top speed of 34 km/h also deserves a higher rating than 83, nevertheless, the english man has a solid card in FIFA21.

Serge Gnabry

Bayern Munich’s right winger has had an incredible journey – from Premier League flop to super star and treble winner in just a few years and he shows no signs of slowing down. The last season has been Gnabry’s best one so far. In 46 games he scored 23 goals and had 14 assists. The 25 year old also played a decisive role in the UCL campaign of the german giants where he got 9 goals including several very important ones like the one against Lyon in the semi finals.

You’d think these numbers would earn the german international a huge upgrade from last years 84 rating. Well, you’re wrong EA gave him a 85 rated card and an -7 pace downgrade on top of that – despite a top speed of 33,2 km/h. To put it into persepctive, player with a slower top speed like Eden Hazard and Ciro Immobile got more pace than him. In our opinion, Gnabry at least deserved an 86 rating with 86+ pace.

Gnabry (1)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The gabonese played the season of his life last year. “Auba” scored 29 goals in 44 games and won two titles. These stats get a whole new meaning if you’re looking at Arsenals performance last season. The Gunners finished 10th in the Premier League and missed out on international business once again. Except for Aubameyang, only few players were regularly performing on their highest level. Still, EA gave him a –1 downgrade for whatever reason. The striker probably got one of the most ridicolous ratings in FIFA21, especially if you compare it to Roberto Firmino who only scored 9 goals last season and got a +1 upgrade.

Have you seen the new player ratings yet? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments.

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