Don't just watch. Do.


There is no fast and cool way to improve your gaming skills? Are you sure?

GAMERS ACADEMY is your place to boost your gaming skills right away. You will be actively trained by the world’s best gamers and coaches – we’re talking the likes of European and World Champions.

Improve your game with the knowledge of the World Champion and many more remarkable names in the Fifa world. 

Be trained 24/7 on demand or live by our coaches. We will teach you everything you need to become the next Fifa Pro. Call us the Netflix, the Peloton, or simply the smartest digital gym for Gaming – All aside, we just want you to get unleashed and become your best.  

Watch out! – we are just getting started.

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Don't just watch. do.

Your journey to FIFA greatness starts here!


All you ever wanted to know about FIFA20 and FIFA21 in one place! 500+ Classes on all topics FIFA. From Offense, Defense, Tactics, Set-Pieces to even Trading advice.  


Don’t just watch. Do! With the first ever interactive Training Tool for all FIFA gamer, you can boost your controller skills from anywhere, anytime. 150+ levels of jaw dropping FIFA moves to train.


Performance Tracker
Get instant feedback through our performance dashboard and compete with a community of thousands of FIFA gamers. This is where you can track your improvements.

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