Become a FIFA Pro - How to go Pro 6

The training is right? You are mentally and technically in top shape? The elite ranks are standard for you? – Then you have reached the last level of the question “How do I become a FIFA Pro?”
Who will be the next FIFA world champion? (Source: EA Sports)
Winning as many games as possible in FIFA 21 is a basic requirement to become an eSports pro. But this alone is not enough. There are many excellent gamers out there, but unfortunately nobody knows them. So the next step is to generate attention.

Streaming & Social Media

The best in the world do it: Streaming on Twitch or Youtube. A cheap and easy way to generate attention and reach is to stream your gameplay live. If you show top-notch performances, the viewers will come almost by themselves, because everyone wants to watch the best gaming. If you make your streams entertaining by using pack openings, for example, the chances of attracting followers are not bad.
As an eSports player, you should also be represented on the usual social media channels. In the FIFA world, these include Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok. A mix of gameplay, results and entertainment will also please your community!

Clubs, Agencies, Coaching

As soon as your popularity rises, the first clubs and player agencies will knock on your door. Usually these partners will help you to be even more successful, but they also want a piece of the pie. The way of an eSports pro can also be gone very successfully alone, however, the effort for it is also larger. Team player or one-man-army? Your choice!
A rewarding story for every eSportsman is to pass on his knowledge and to give other players tips & tricks. On the one hand this increases your popularity and on the other hand you have a nice side job where you can learn meta-tactics intensively. If you want to know more about FIFA Coaching, have a look at our Pro Coaches!
The interest in the best gamers in the world is enormous (Source: EA Sports)

Common mistakes

Many aspiring eSports players want too much too fast. Do not set your expectations too high and be patient with yourself. Freaking out – Keep calm! Freakouts lead to ragequits and not the comeback of the year. Playing haphazardly – A lot does not always help a lot. Plan your training and always have your goal in mind!
If you want feedback and tips & tricks from the best FIFA players in the world, check out our PRO COACHING.
We will show you how to become the best in FIFA.

By Maurice Schürch


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