Block shots and crosses correctly

In FIFA 21 the blocking of shots is harder than ever before. (Source: EA Sports)
In FIFA 21 there was a lot of defensive work on blocking crosses and shots, too much? When the opponent’s CPU blocks everything you have to offer, it’s easy to get the feeling that the team bus is parking at the opponent’s box. Find out here how to position yourself correctly to block opposing crosses and shots.
In FIFA 21 it is important to have a good positional play. This is mainly due to the improved Auto Block. To do this, you position the attacking player with L2/LT and simply wait until he comes to shoot. Make sure that you are 1 – 1.5 meters away from the opponent so that you can block the ball well. Avoid actively going at the player with the ball unless you are 100% sure that you will get the ball, because if not, you will make it easy for your opponent and will be outplayed with simple passes. If, for example, your opponent does get past you with a cross, you should position the rest of your players in such a way that you can get in front of the opposing attackers again without any problems.
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By Stephan Murphy

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