Recap: VBL Grand Final

Recap: the VBL Grand Final 2020

The big recap of the 2020 VBL Grand Final 3 things we´ll remember from this years final

By Coach Alex

1. A star has risen

Yannic „Yannic0109“ Bederke is the new german champion! The 19 year old player for FC Augsburg wasn´t really considered as one of the favourites. Even though he made it to the final last year his success is an even bigger surprise. Bederke wants to spend the prize money on establishing himself as a pro FIFA player.

2. The great comeback of Kai „deto“ Wollin

The 31 year old has made a comeback no one would´ve ever thought was possible. He was the oldest player that qualified for the tournament. Even though he lost the cross console final against „Yannic0109“ he ended up winning the title as the best german PS4 player. Which is pretty crazy if you consider the opponents he came up against, including MoAuba, current FIFA world champion.

3. Struggling giants

While MoAuba may have lost the console final, possibly due to an ingame error, where he couldn´t sub on players. Other big time FIFA players were struggling as well. Last years winner Michael „MegaBit“ Bittner lost in the round of 16. Erhan „DrErhano“ Kayman and Yannick „Jeffry95“ Reiners failed in the group stages. This years VBL Grand Final was definitely a final of the underdogs! 

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