Check Out Neymar's Incredible FIFA 21 FUT Squad

Neymar relies mostly on his own countrymen in FUT. (Credit: EA Sports)
Superstar Neymar was not in the squad for Paris Saint-Germain’s win this weekend, the Brazilian preferring to spend his time in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team instead. With a FUT squad as strong as his, it’s no wonder.

Neymar is a true gamer and esports fan. The self-confessed CS:GO player is also playing FIFA 21 when he is not on the real pitch. Unsurprisingly, he relies mainly on Brazilian legends for his incredibly strong FUT team.

Neymar's FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Squad

There is almost no FIFA pro in the world where Neymar’s In-Form card (92 OVR) is not in the starting eleven. The Brazilian is of course allowed to fall back on his own Pro Player card, which is rated 99 across the board. We can hardly imagine how a 99 OVR Neymar feels like.

The PSG star was playing FIFA 21 rather than football this weekend and his team was spotted on Reddit. Unsurprisingly, Neymar’s team is quite something: seven Brazilians are in his team, complemented by perhaps the best central defense that FIFA 21 has to offer.
There’s not a single weak position in Neymar’s FUT team. (Credit: theEvatra12 via Reddit)
Only the goalkeeper needs clarification. Icon Moments Peter Schmeichel, as great as he is, is far from the best option at goal.

Neymar's FUT Lineup

  • GK: Peter Schmeichel (Icon Moments) – 93 OVR
  • LB: Roberto Carlos (Prime Icon) – 91 OVR
  • CB: Paolo Maldini (Mid Icon) – 92 OVR
  • CB: Virgil van Dijk (TOTY) – 96 OVR
  • RB: Carlos Alberto (Mid Icon) – 90 OVR
  • CM: Ruud Gullit (Mid Icon) – 90 OVR
  • LM: Neymar (Pro Player) – 99 OVR
  • CAM: Kaká (Prime Icon) – 91 OVR
  • CAM: Pelé (Mid Icon) – 95 OVR
  • RM: Garrincha (Mid Icon) – 92 OVR
  • ST: Ronaldo (Mid Icon) – 94 OVR
Even with our small remark on Schmeichel, Neymar’s FUT lineup is outright scary. Anyone going against it in Weekend League isn’t going to be in for a fun ride.
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By Kiril Stoilov

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