DFB-eCup main round draw

The main round draw of the very first DFB-eCup is coming up (Source: DFB eFootball)
With big steps we are approaching the season highlight of the DFB-eFootball. Now that the qualifying tournaments have been completed, the main round participants of the first ever DFB-eCup have been determined. How the main round of the DFB-eCup works and when the draw is, you can find out here.

DFB eCup main round

The DFB eCup can be divided into three rounds. The preliminary round, which consists of qualifying tournaments, the main round and the final, which will be played in spring 2021. In the DFB-eCup main round, 20 amateur teams that have prevailed in qualifying tournaments will meet the twelve best teams from the FIFA 21 Virtual Bundesliga. On 25.03.2021 the main round draw will take place, after which it will be determined which pairings will be made. The whole event is based on the DFB Cup on real grass and will of course be played in a knockout mode.
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The DFB-eCup main and final round dates (Source: DFB eFootball)

DFB-eCup final round

The best eight teams in the main round will determine the first-ever DFB eCup champion in the final round on May 8 and 9, 2021. The winning team can look forward to prize money of €25,000, while the runner-up can still take half of that home with them. Third and fourth place can still look forward to a payment of €5,000.
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By Stephan Murphy

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