EA blessed us with the summer heat!

By Coach Alex

After 2 months, the TOTS promotion has ended. Normally, FIFA would slowly be dying after this crazy period of the game, but not this year. Yesterday, EA released a never seen before card – the Summer Heat design and let us tell you – this design is fire. These are fan favorite cards of players that were wildly popular this year. We´re showing you the players and let you know if they are worth getting and what chem style fits them the best.
1) The first player is Tanguy Ndombele from Tottenham. He´s probably the best CM you can get in the game for the 100k you´re paying. His stats remind us of a FUT Birthday Pogba or TOTS Henderson, but better. His standout stats are definitely 93 pace and 91 physical. His 4* skills are worth mentioning as well. The perfect chem style for Ndombele would be a gladiator, as it improves his shooting by 3 and his defending by 9.
2) Summer Heat Mendy has a never seen before, but very interesting concept, first of all, you have to win 5 rivals games to get his 85 FUTMAS card. If you want to get his 87 Summer Heat version, you have to win 12 rivals games with his FUTMAS edition. If you want to get his 89 version, you have to win 15 rivals games with the 87 rated one and so on. You get it. In our opinion, any Mendy card is definitely worth doing as your getting the best left back in the game by investing a little bit of your time. His standout stats are 94 pace and 88 physical. The chem style that suits Mendy the best is probably the anchor – his pace and physical increase by 4, his defending by 8.

On top of these cards, EA also put a few SBCs and cards back into the game. We´re talking about the likes of CF Messi, RW Ronaldo, flashback Boateng and Vidal and many more.

FIFA is as interesting as never before right now – what comes next?

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