FIFA 21 Joe Hart Flashback SBC Cheapest Solution

Joe Hart gives Nick Pope a run for his money in FUT. (Credit: EA Sports)
The English can look with pride at this Flashback FIFA 21 SBC. The streets remember Joe Hart’s glory days and so does FIFA 21. Is he an alternative to In-Form Nick Pope? Our solution will help you answer that question.
Goalkeepers have it very hard in FIFA 21. With outfield players there is a clear meta and everyone knows what to look for. Keepers are completely different: everyone swears by a different player between the sticks. With Flashback Joe Hart, there is finally an English keeper who could replace Nick Pope. Or is there?

Flashback Joe Hart

In terms of stats, Flashback Joe Hart is atop the English Premier League with his 91 OVR. But goalkeepers have their own meta, which is why many players prefer Nick Pope (84 OVR) over Alisson (90 OVR) or TOTY Manuel Neuer (96 OVR).
Flashback Joe Hart’s height is one of his best “skills”. (Source: FUTBIN)
It’s really difficult to advise on goalkeepers cause it’s really down to personal feel. For example, Joe Hart’s Cautious with Crosses trait may be a complete turn-off for some players while others wouldn’t mind.
Flashback Joe Hart is a good goalkeeper. Is he your goalkeeper? That’s the real question that only you can answer.

Flashback Joe Hart SBC Solution

You have to hand over a single SBC squad with quite high demands to secure Flashback Joe Hart. The surprise launch of FUT Player Days could bring the price down a bit, so you should go for it while it’s still hot, despite having until March 20 to do so.
  • one Manchester City player, min. 85 OVR, min. 60 chemistry

Team 1: Joe Hart

We opt for a hybrid team from La Liga, the Premier League and Liga NOS. The Manchester City player we need is Bernardo Silva. We also use a total of four goalkeepers for this GK SBC.
One team is needed here, but it will cost you. (Credit: FUTBIN)
If you complete the task, you will have a strong goalkeeper at your disposal, regardless of personal preferences.
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By Kiril Stoilov

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