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About gamers academy

We are a team of creators, (pro) gamers, techies and have a clear mission: to make every gamer better as fast as possible! We have a 700.00+ community and look forward to the future with you! Game On.

The Skillgame is an interactive training game in the style of Guitar Hero, which you can play with your Playstation controller on your cell phone or laptop. The focus is on all skill moves that are available in FIFA. With the Skillgame you will learn the most effective skill moves in no time. The Skillgame is included for free in each of our packages.

The skillbook was our first training tool. You can still find detailed content in our club. The Skillbook is included free of charge in each of our packages.

Already with the purchase of the starter package you get access to our Discord server. There is a lively exchange between the community. Our Discord server is a place where everything revolves around FIFA. You also have the possibility to interact with staff members to get quick answers to your questions. Trading tips, news, leaks and much more can be found in the different channels. The GA Discord server is the place that makes the FIFA heart beat faster.

Sure! We love to see the highlights of our community: You can send us spectacular goals and plays via Insta-DM (@gamersacademy) or simply tag us in your IG story or post.

At the moment, we only offer content about FIFA21. We are already working on other games and hope to tell you more about them soon. Stay tuned!

About our coaching

  • You have several options to participate in our 1on1 Coaching. The Legends Plan includes an unlimited amount of 1on1 Coaching per month. You can easily enroll in the 1on1 sessions via our event portal.
  • As Starter- and Pro Plan User you got the opportunity to book 1on1 Coaching for a price of 29,95€ per coaching. You are free to choose the date and coach. The booking is done via our website (Your Coach -> Book 1on1 Coaching).

Of course, each of our coaches brings in his individual coaching style. Generally, after a short introduction and team analysis, you will go directly into your first game, where you will be coached in real-time by our pros. That way you get direct feedback during your game. Usually, after the first game, a debriefing follows before you go into a second game with live coaching.

During your coaching, you communicate with your coach via Zoom. You do not necessarily need a Zoom account to join the coaching session. As a Playstation player, you simply share your screen with the help of the Share Play function. This way, our coach sees exactly what you are seeing on your monitor. As an X-Box player, you can either stream your gameplay via Twitch or bring a recorded game which will be analyzed together with your coach. Alternatively, as an X-Box player you can share your gameplay via capture card and OBS.

Unlimited Group Coaching sessions are included in each of our packages. You can easily enroll in your favorite Group Coaching through our Event Portal. The enrollment in Group-Coaching is done via our website (Your Coach -> Book Group Coaching).

In Group-Coaching our coaches talk about different FIFA topics: Offensive, defensive, tactics & instructions or the topics of the current meta across all skill levels. You also have the opportunity to ask your questions directly to your coach.

The coaching sessions take place via Zoom. You do not need a Zoom account to join the coaching session. Unlike 1on1 coaching, you don't have to be in front of your console. Group Coaching are limited to 10 participants.

As a Pro and Legend user you can request unlimited video analyses per month. As a member of the Starter-Plan you have the possibility to get a gameplay analysis for 24,95€. The booking is done via our website (Your Coach -> Gameplay Analysis).

On Playstation, you can easily record your gameplay using the Share Play function. After your match, make sure to press the Share Play button and save your clip to the gallery by pressing the square button. You can define the length of clips to be recorded in the settings. With an USB stick you can easily upload your gameplay to your laptop and send it to us using a tool provided by us. Your clip must not be longer than 15mins and it has to be a defeat from your last Weekend League.

After you sent us your clip, one of our coaches will start analyzing it with the help of audiovisual analysis software. On working days, we will send your gameplay analysis back to you by e-mail within 48 hours. You will receive a download link to your video.

In your confirmation email you will find a link at the very bottom where you can cancel your booking with one click. 

Up until 2 hours before your coaching begins, you have the opportunity to cancel. In case you do not attend your session on time, the cost for your coaching will have to be charged. We know exactly how annoying it is to have connection struggle, however, our coaches are charged per coaching. Therefore, we have to debit “no-shows”. Thank you for your understanding.

about our pro gamers & coaches

We work together with several FIFA pros and coaches and we are always open for new coaches to join our staff. You can find more information on how to become a GA Coach here.

On our website, you can already find some information and photos of our coaches. In the following, a few words about our staff:

Stylo is a member of FOKUS Clan and has been coaching at GAMERS ACADEMY for over a year now. He is also active as an eFootball coach at DFB (German Football Association). He offers weekly Group-Coaching with constantly changing topics. Stylo led MoAuba to the FIFA World Cup title in 2019.

Lefti is considered one of the top 5 players worldwide on X-Box. At GAMERS ACADEMY, the young Greek offers weekly group coaching sessions.

Kevin Reiser is probably known to the old hands. The European Champion from 2013 is available in 1on1 and group coaching. Kevin offers English as well as German coaching and is a real all-rounder. Whether it’s offense or defense, skills, etc. Kev1n is at your side with words and deeds.

Lucas "Schnixx" Kucz is currently one of the top 200 players on Playstation and won the AF Cup in 2018. Especially players on Gold 1 level or higher are at the right address at Schnixx. Schnixx offers numerous 1on1 coaching sessions. Recommended skill level: Gold 1 or higher.

Maxi is Schnixx' coach and the right man for you, especially in the tactics and analysis area. Recommended skill level: Advanced (Gold 3 - Gold1).

Alex teaches you in one group coaching per week as well as in several 1on1 coaching. Especially mental trainings are Alex's strengths, but as an established Elite1 player he can also teach you some tricks of the trade. Recommended skill level: Silver to Gold 2.

Our trading and skill master Patrick offers a trading course once a week as well as several 1on1 sessions. Recommended skill level: Silver to Gold 3.

The young Brit plays for Aston Villa in the English ePremier League and is one of the top 100 FIFA21 players on Playstation. There is something for everyone in his English group coaching sessions.

Marvin started as a GA user and became a coach after a few months. Recommended skill-level: Bronze to Silver 1.

We work together with several FIFA pros and coaches and we are always open for new coaches to join our staff. You can find more information on how to become a GA Coach here.


Oops! Sorry for the trouble! Please send us a mail to: our support team will contact you immediately.
  1. Check if your Bluetooth is activated on your device.
  2. Switch your Bluetooth off and on!
  3. Check that your controller is not still connected to the PlayStation/Xbox.
  4. You also have the possibility to connect the controller via USB   

After your controller was connected via Bluetooth, you will need to reconnect it to your console. Use the USB cable as usual.

Your controller must not be connected to your console. Then press and hold your connection buttons (PlayStation: PS button+Share/Xbox: Xbox button+Connection button) simultaneously until a white light flash. 

Check the battery status of your controller. If it still fails, disconnect your controller once from your Bluetooth device and reconnect it.

If your controller is blue, your controller has connected to your PlayStation. This is often because you have not pressed both connection buttons at the same time. Log your controller off your PlayStation and try again. 

The problem occurs only on the PC, your mobile phone is not affected. Check that your mouse cursor is not on one of the categories.

You need a good internet connection to enjoy the maximum fun of the game. The best way is to use an LTE network or your WLAN. 

To have access to all skills in our skill game you have to register for the All Access Area. 

Reload the page once. Doesn’t this help? Disconnect your controller and reconnect it.

You can use the skill game with any smartphone. Just check your internet connection and make sure your controller is charged and connected.

The Accuracy shows you how accurate your execution was. The value is based on the perfect execution of the skill. Let’s see if you reach 100% 😉

To play the Skillgame, you must first register as a Free User. After that you can use selected skills. To get full access to the game, just become part of our community.

You can find the Share Button on the right above the control pad. The button is marked with “SHARE”.

The Connection Button is located at the top of your controller. Between LB and RB.

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