FIFA 21 Bruno Fernandes POTM SBC in FUT mode

Bruno Fernandes is the player of the month of November in the Premier League (Source: EA Sports).
The new player of the month in the English Premier League goes by the name of Bruno Fernandes. The attacking midfielder in the service of Manchester United secured the coveted POTM trophy for the month of November 2020 and succeeds Heung-Min Son from October. The PL POTM Bruno Fernandes SBC is available now in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Is the Bruno Fernandes POTM card worth it?

PL POTM Bruno Fernandes has outstanding stats that make him a really strong option in both offensive and defensive midfield. The Portuguese can boast 91 shooting, 92 passing, 91 dribbling and a whopping 99 points of stamina – and that’s without chemistry style.

You make up for the lack of pace (81) with Hunter Chemistry-style on offense, or Shadow for central midfield. Then Bruno Fernandes POTM comes to a value of either 93 OVR in ZOM or 92 OVR in ZM.

It all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? The problem with the PL POTM SBC, however, is the price. Around one million coins are due for the player – too much for an untradeable card that you can’t offer on the transfer market.

Especially considering Bruno Fernandes’ season so far, who has already made the Team of the Week twice and most recently was in the Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS) of the Champions League. So the next inform card is only a matter of time and it will be even stronger than the PL POTM-SBC. In the FIFA 21 Team of the Year (TOTY), which starts at the end of the year, Fernandes will probably be represented as well.

A cheaper alternative is the Belgian Kevin De Bruyne, whose TOTGS variant comes to 92 OVR and costs only a fraction of POTM Bruno Fernandes with currently around 390,000 coins. In the game, both midfielders do not take each other much.
The values of POTM Bruno Fernandes have it all – just like the price (Source: FUTBIN)

The PL POTM Bruno Fernandes SBC

So the conclusion of the SBC is not really worth it. However, if you really want to secure PL POTM Bruno Fernandes, you’ll have to trade in a whopping five teams with high requirements. At least: For every completed SBC you get a FIFA 21 card pack back. Tip: Wait with the completion of the SBC until the FUT 21 TOTY is available. This provides a crash on the transfer market every year, which should significantly reduce the cost of the Squad Building Challenge. The TOTY will likely be released on December 25, 2020. You’ll have to give up the following teams for POTM Bruno Fernandes:
  • Team with a player from Portugal (85 OVR, minimum 80 chemistry)
  • Team with a player from Manchester United (86 OVR, at least 75 chemistry)
  • Team with a player from the Premier League (86 OVR, at least 70 chemistry)
  • Team with a TOTW player (87 OVR, at least 50 chemistry)
  • Squad with a total score of 88 (at least 50 chemistry)
So we definitely can’t recommend completing the Squad Building Challenge. However, if you still want to secure the map, you have until January 11, 2021 to do so. You can find the cheapest SC solution at our colleagues from EarlyGame.
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By Philipp Briel

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