Flashback Toni Kroos SBC Solution

Icon-level stats: Flashback Toni Kroos is not to be missed. (Source: EA Sports)
Already leaked over the weekend, now finally available. You are looking for a central midfielder with values on the level of a Prime Icon? Then you should definitely pick up the Flashback Toni Kroos SBC. We provide you with the SBC solution to the 2014 world champion.

In the recently launched Icon Swaps 2 you can secure the central midfielder Deco, among others. A German World Champion from 2014 with even stronger stats is now available as an SBC: Flashback Toni Kroos makes even some of the best Prime Icons look pretty old.

Flashback Toni Kroos is that good

The card costs around 350,000 coins and you can get it in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team until March 16. The central midfielder’s outstanding stats are 98 shooting power, 94 overview, 97 short passing, 94 ball control and 93 calmness.

With the Shadow Chemistry style, you tackle the somewhat low tempo and get a player who should easily be competitive all the way to Team of the Season. The only drawback is the 87 stamina, which causes Flashback Toni Kroos to run out of breath as a box-to-box midfielder, especially in intense games around the 80th minute. But you can get over that with stats like that.

Flashback Toni Kroos SBC solution

You have three weeks to get the special Kroos card. For this you need to trade three teams:
  • Team with a player from the Bundesliga (83 OVR, min. 1 TOTW, min. 80 chemistry).
  • Team with a player from La Liga (84 OVR, min. 1 TOTW, min. 75 chemistry)
  • Team with a TOTW player (85 OVR, min. 70 Chemie)

Team 1: Bundesliga

The first team costs about 57,000 coins. Here you combine five players each from Bundesliga and Serie A with each other. As a needed inform card you fall back on Adrien Thomasson from TOTW 21.
Robin Gosens serves as the link between Bundesliga and Serie A. (Source: FUTBIN)

Team 2: La Liga

In addition to four players from Ajax Amsterdam, the second team relies mainly on the Spanish La Liga. Alex Meret from TOTW 21 fulfills the Inform requirement, but due to the lack of chemistry you can also use any other TOTW card with a total value of 82 or more. Around 100,000 coins is what this team will cost you.
The second team costs just under 100,000 coins on the transfer market. (Source: FUTBIN)

Team 3: Top Form

Here, a whopping 186,000 coins are already due. The cheapest solution is a hybrid team from La Liga and Serie A. In midfield, the two Brazilians Arthur and Lucas Leiva form the bridge to the Chinese CSL. In addition, you use Future Stars Andriy Lunin and Roman Yaremchuk as an inform card -though you can also use another TOTW player with 84 OVR or more.
With Future Stars Lunin and TOTW Yaremchuk, you complete the third challenge. (Source: FUTBIN)
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By Philipp Briel

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