FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: The ratings of the new icon David Beckham

The values of the new icon David Beckham in FUT 21
(Source: EA Sports)

About two weeks ago David Beckham was unveiled as the new FUT 21 icon, from December 04th Becks will find his way into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Now the ratings of the icon cards are finally here.

FUT 21 Icon David Beckham: The Ratings


On December 4th David Beckham finds his way into the game as the new FUT 21 icon. Then you will first have two versions of the English soccer legend at your disposal. The third and strongest version, the Prime Icon, will probably follow in a few weeks.

The baby version (Base Icon) of Beckham is located in the central midfield and has a total score of 87. Due to the balanced stats, Becks should be an excellent box-to-box midfielder – slightly weaker than Mid Icon Steven Gerrard.

Much more interesting, however, is the mid version of icon David Beckham, who comes in at 89 OVR and is at home in right midfield. Here Beckham delivers strong links into the Premier League, where there is a lack of strong options alongside Mohammed Salah of Liverpool FC.

Prime Icon David Beckham, on the other hand, is still a bit longer in coming. Here the right midfielder achieves a total score of 92 and again improves on the most important values.

On the transfer market, the cards of FUT 21 icon David Beckham are likely to fetch horrendous prices. However, you can also get a card from the Englishman at no cost: All players who play FIFA 21 before January 15, 2021, can look forward to an exchangeable special card. This comes to 86 OVR at the RM position and provides chemical links to Real Madrid, the La Liga and England as a nation. This card is available from 15 December.

(Source: EA Sports)


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By Philipp Briel

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