FIFA 21 FUT Icon Swaps 2 Rewards

Icon Swaps are a fan favorite in FUT. (Source: EA Sports)
One of the most eagerly awaited FUT packs is here, for the second time. Icon Swaps 2 is now active. We will tell you what is it all about and which legends are currently available in FIFA 21.

Icon Swaps 2 was rumored to arrive for the past few weeks and it finally did right before the weekend. Why are fans so excited for this mini event? Simple, fantastic cards are being involved. Before we get to the content though, let’s briefly explain how Icon Swaps 2 works.

What Is Icon Swaps 2?

Throughout Icon Swap 2, you have the opportunity to unlock selected FUT Icons by completing certain tasks. Each Icon card in the Icon Swaps costs a certain number of so-called Player Tokens.
You can compare Icon Swaps 1 to the players we got in Icon Swaps 2. (Source: EA Sports)
If you complete various in-game challenges, you will be rewarded with tokens. You will need these to get the coveted FIFA 21 Icon cards. The stronger the corresponding legend, the more Player Tokens are needed.

You can complete the tasks in the Friendly Match mode and within Squad Battles. You also have the opportunity to invest tokens in card packs and secure players who are not actually part of Icon Swaps 2.

Which Icons Are Available in Icon Swaps 2?

Six legends have been included in Icon Swaps 2, three of which are in the form of Icon Moments – the highest-rated version of an Icon. These players and their respective values are:

  • Roberto Baggio (94 OVR) – 17 Tokens
  • Emilio Butragueño (87 OVR) – 15 Tokens
  • Laurant Blanc (89 OVR) – 13 Tokens
  • Marc Overmars (91 OVR) – 11 Tokens
  • Ashley Cole (89 OVR) – 9 Tokens
  • Deco (91 OVR) – 7 Tokens
You can acquire any of these FUT Icons with a bit of work. (Source: EA Sports)

Besides the Icon cards, you can also invest your tokens in card packs and, with a little (a lot) of luck, get even better players. Here’s how the pricing goes:

  • 2 tokens for the 81+ x25 pack
  • 3 tokens for the 82+ x25 pack
  • 5 tokens for the 83+ x25 pack
  • 8 tokens for the Base Icon pack
  • 9 Token for the Mid Icon pack
  • 10 tokens for the Mid or Prime Icon pack
  • 12 tokens for the Prime Icon pack
  • 14 Token for the 91+ Prime Icon Pack
  • 16 tokens for the Prime or Prime Moments Icon pack
As you can see, there are lots of great prizes for those that are willing to put in the work for those player tokens. Are you one of them?
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By Kiril Stoilov

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