FIFA 21 FUT Showdown McTominay vs Milner SBC

The 3rd FUT showdown is all about the Premier League. (Source: EA Sports)
The showdown SBC in the Eredivisie ended in a draw and with an upgrade for both players. Now the next duel is already in the starting blocks: On January 17 Manchester United and FC Liverpool meet in the Premier League, in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Scott McTominay and James Milner.

Both cards are available as part of a Squad Building Challenge. So if you want, you can simply get both versions. The special cards increase in value depending on the result of the match. The player on the winning team gets two points on top, and in the event of a draw, both players get one point.

Both players have a total value of 85 OVR, McTominay (Manchester United) is more at home in the ZDM, Milner on the other hand is more suitable as an offensive eighth – but both cards are attractive.

FIFA 21 Showdown Scott McTominay SBC Solution

For the card of the Manchester United player, a total of three teams have to be exchanged, the costs are about 170,000 coins
  • Team with a player from Manchester United (83 OVR, at least 75 chemistry)
  • Team with a player from the Premier League (83 OVR, at least 1 TOTW, at least 70 chemistry)
  • Team with a TOTW player (84 OVR, at least 70 chemistry)

Team 1: Manchester United

Here we combine three Bundesliga players in goal and defense with a total of six Brazilians, Carlos Vela and Gonzalo Higuain from the MLS round out the team.
(Image source : FUTBIN)


Minimally more expensive is the second team. Once again, the goalkeeper and defense come from the Bundesliga. Baptiste Santamaria from the current TOTW 15 serves as our TOTW card.
(Image source : FUTBIN)

Team 3: TOP FORM

The third team hits around 86,000 coins and is mostly from Serie A. Goalkeeper Bartlomiej Dragowski of AC Florence meets the Inform requirement.
(Image source : FUTBIN)

FIFA 21 Showdown James Milner SBC Solution

James Milner’s card already turns out to be significantly more expensive in direct comparison, costing just under 200,000 coins. This is due to the increased requirements compared to McTominay:
  • Team with a player from Liverpool FC (83 OVR, at least 75 chemistry)
  • Team with a player from England (84 OVR, at least 65 chemistry)
  • Team with a TOTW player (84 OVR, minimum 70 chemistry)

Team 1: FC Liverpool

Again, Higuain and Vela are used, the rest of the team is from Ajax Amsterdam, as well as from the Premier League. As a needed Liverpool player, we use Xherdan Shaqiri.

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(Image source : FUTBIN)


Almost 86,000 coins are allotted to this team, we use a Bundesliga team. Jamie Vardy fulfills the Nations requirement up front, next to him we line up teammate Kasper Schmeichel for chemistry reasons.
(Image source : FUTBIN)

TEAM 3: Top Form

The price for Team 3 remains the same, but the team looks completely different. Here we combine Serie A and La Liga together. Omar Al Soma from TOTW 14 is used as the inform card.
(Image source : FUTBIN)
You can complete both FUT Showdown SBCs until January 17, just before the game starts.
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By Philipp Briel

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