FIFA 21 FUT Showdown-SBC: Oleksandr Zinchenko vs. Patrick Herrmann

Zinchenko against Herrmann is the name of the game on February 24 in the UCL. (Source: EA Sports)
After a long wait, the next FUT Showdown SBC is finally in the starting blocks. The fourth duel revolves around the Champions League round of 16 match between Manchester City and Borussia Mönchengladbach on February 24. Oleksandr Zinchenko and Patrick Herrmann are up for selection.

FUT Showdown: Zinchenko vs. Herrmann

The 4th FUT Showdown is all about the Champions League this time. Left-back Oleksandr Zinchenko (85 OVR) and right-winger Patrick Herrmann (86 OVR) are up for election for a short time as a Squad Building Challenge.

Depending on the result of the match, the values will increase: in case of a win, two points will be added, in case of a draw, one point will be added for both players. So, if you want, you can simply get both options.

Manchester City and Zinchenko go into the game as favorites, after all the Skyblues are rushing from one win to the next in the Premier League. Accordingly, the left-back’s SBC costs more than twice as much as Patrick Herrmann’s, at around 300,000 coins.

Even without a boost, Zinchenko already has a total value of 91 with Shadow Chemistry Style. If Manchester City wins the match, a real endgame defender beckons. You still have until February 24 to secure your tickets.

FUT Showdown Oleksandr Zinchenko SBC solution

For the FUT Showdown card of Oleksandr Zinchenko you have to trade two teams in total:
  • Team with a Manchester City player (84 OVR, min. 1 TOTW, min. 75 chemistry).
  • Team with a player from the Premier League (86 OVR, min. 70 chemistry).

Team 1: Manchester city

Here you line up four players from Ajax Amsterdam for chemistry reasons in the defense and focus mainly on Spaniards. Midfielder Rodri serves as a needed Manchester City player.
Around 100,000 coins is the cost of the first team. (Source: FUTBIN)

Team 2: Premier League

Around 230,000 coins are allotted to Team 2, which is mostly from Spain’s La Liga. Goalkeeper Martin Dúbravka fulfills the league requirement.
At around 230,000 coins, the 2nd team is truly not cheap. (Source: FUTBIN)

FUT Showdown Patrick Herrmann SBC Solution

If you rather want to bet on the underdog and play a Bundesliga team, Patrick Herrmann from the current FUT Showdown is an interesting option, which is also much cheaper than Zinchenko at around 150,000 coins:
  • Team with a player from the Bundesliga (83 OVR, min. 1 TOTW, min. 75 chemistry).
  • Team with one player from Germany (84 OVR, min. 70 chemistry)

Team 1: Bundesliga

For around 60,000 coins you’ll secure this team, which is composed of Bundesliga and Premier League. In addition, you’ll have access to Bafétimbi Gomis from the current TOTW 21.
60,000 coins are allotted to the first SBC team. (Source: FUTBIN)

Team 2: National Duty

Just under 90,000 coins currently cost the 2nd SBC team on the transfer market and, with the exception of Argentine Gonzalo Higuain, comes from the German Bundesliga.
You’ll complete Herrmann’s card with this Bundesliga team. (Source: FUTBIN)
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By Philipp Briel

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