FUT What If: Best players from team 1

The best players from the first What If team (Source: EA Sports)
For the past week, FIFA 21 has been all about the question “What if?”. The current promo event goes by the name of FUT What If and entices with dynamic special cards if the teams meet certain requirements in real sports. We introduce you to the best players from What If team 1 before the second selection is released on Friday.

Yuri Berchiche (LB, Atletic Bilbao)

Outstanding as a left-back or center-back, Yuri Berchiche. (Source: EA Sports)
Really strong left-backs in Spanish La Liga are a rarity. Especially if you did not complete the SBC for Acuna at the time, you should get the new FUT What If card of Yuri Berchiche.

For around 100,000 coins you get one of the best left-backs in the game, who is also good to play in central defense. The chances of getting the one-time +2 upgrade are also quite good.

Chris Smalling (CB, Roma FC)

The speedy central defender that Serie A has been missing. (Source: EA Sports)
As an Englishman who enjoys cult status on the island, Smalling is truly no bargain. Almost 700,000 coins cost the currently best central defender that Serie A can boast – at least if it goes according to the FIFA 21 meta. An upgrade for a game without conceding a goal is definitely in the cards, even if Roma only have three games left to do so.

Marcelo (CB, Olympique Lyon)

Marcelo’s card looks pretty good after the upgrade. (Source: EA Sports)
On March 03, Marcelo secured victory with Olympique Lyon without conceding a goal, so the card will rise to a total value of 90 in the coming week. THESE values for currently around 110,000 coins? That’s not just a bargain, that’s almost a gift.

Jadon Sancho (RM, Borussia Dortmund)

Truly not cheap, but the stats look really good too. (Source: EA Sports)
What If-Jadon Sancho marks by a wide margin the best right midfielder in the Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund has already scored three of the six goals needed for the +2 upgrade. Now imagine that card with 92 OVR. Sure: As an Englishman with 5 star skills, Sancho naturally comes at a price.

Alejandro Gomez (CAM, Sevilla FC)

Finally with enough stamina to get through a game – Papu Gomez. (Source: EA Sports)
Sevilla FC’s winter newcomer secures second place among Team 1’s best FUT What If cards. A boost of +15 points of stamina and at least +9 points of strength compared to his gold card make Papu even stronger – pace, passing and dribbling are already beyond reproach anyway. At around 1.2 million coins, however, truly no bargain.

Kevin Mbabu (RB, VFL Wolfsburg)

One of the three best right-backs in the game - Kevin Mbabu. (Source: EA Sports)
The Bundesliga has a new best right-back and he goes by the name of Kevin Mbabu. 96 pace, 86 defense and 88 physicality speak for themselves. With Sentinel Mbabu comes to a total value of 93 and that both as an outside and as a central defender. Outstanding.
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By Philipp Briel

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