FIFA 21 Global Series Europe Qualifier

The tournament overview of the FIFA 21 Global Series Europe Qualifier. (Source: EA Sports)
The FIFA 21 Global Series is in full swing and last weekend (March 20-21) the fourth European qualifier was determined. The online tournament was played over two days until the two winners on the consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were determined. In addition to a prize money of $15,000 each, they can look forward to earning coveted ranking points.

Europe qualifiers

After Levi de Weerd had already won the Winner Finals on PlayStation 4 against the Spaniard Gravesen with 5:4 (1:0; 4:4) in the first and second leg, Gravesen had to take the detour via the Losers Final. In this final he met his compatriot Adriman from DUX Gaming. After two close games Gravesen won 4:3 (2:1; 2:2) and got his revenge against the Dutchman in the Grand Final. As in the previous duel between the two, it was two hard-fought games with the better end for the man from Team Gullit. Levi de Weerd again kept the upper hand in two games (2:1; 2:2) and could again prevail with only one goal difference (4:3) and could thus celebrate the tournament victory.
On Xbox One there was a German – German duel between predatorFIFA and DullenMIKE in the Winners Final. After a clear 8:1 victory from two games, predatorFIFA deservedly reached the Grand Final, where he met DullenMIKE again. The man from the e-sports team NEO prevailed in the Losers Final and managed to find his way into the Grand Final after all. In the first two games in the final predatorFIFA conceded a crashing 1:7 defeat (1:2; 0:5). But because the man from VFL Bochum came from the Winner Bracket into the final, there was a second match. He won this match 4:3 (2:0; 2:3) and so won the tournament.
PredatorFIFA and Levi de Weerd are the winners of the FIFA 21 Global Series Europe Qualifiers 4 tournament. (Source: EA Sports)

FIFA Global Series

The FIFA 21 Global Series will be played from December 2020 to May 2021 and will be divided into six regions in total. Europe, North America, South America, East Asia, West Asia and Oceania. To participate in the Global Series, you must register and reach Elite Rank 1 in FUT Champions. Once registered players reach 27 wins in a single Weekend League, they will receive “FUT Champions Verification”. With this, you can compete in online regional cups and earn the points needed to make it to the regional playoffs. In the regional playoffs the best FIFA 21 player of each region will be crowned.
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By Stephan Murphy

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