FIFA 21 OTW-Team 1: The Ones-to-watch-Players

The first 11 OTW-Cards for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will drop today. (Source: EA Sports)

The Ones-to-watch-Cards are one of the most popular items in FIFA 21

For the Release-Date of FIFA 21, EA Sports are dropping the first OTW_Team for FIFA Ultimate Team. All you need to know about which Players made it in the first Ones-to-watch-team also when the second Team is gonna be released, you will find out here.

OTW-Cards are one of the most popular Cards in FIFA Ultimate Team. The Italian Midfielder Sandro Tonali did already get a special card after his Transfer to AC Milan. Tonight, EA Sports will be releasing the first FIFA 21 OTW-Team.

FIFA 21 OTW? What are Ones-to-watch-Players?

OTW is the shortcut for Ones-to-watch. OTW-Cards are one of the most wanted Cards in first months of FIFA, and that for a reason:

The most important transfers of the summer will get an OTW-Card. Beside the fresh design, the cards have a special feature: they are dynamic items.

That means if the player gets in the Team of the Week (or gets another performance -based special card), the card will get an automatic upgrade. So instead of buying one Inform-Card after another, your OTW-Card will improve automatically.

That´s why these cards are pretty expensive on the transfer market, especially at the release of FIFA. With a little knowledge in the world of football, you have the chance to get rich with these OTW-Cards. (Only in FIFA of course)

If one FIFA 21-OTW-Player gets injured, the price of the card will drop. If you are buying them at this point, and hoping the will have a strong comeback, you can make a bunch of coins if this player gets an Inform-Card.

FIFA 21 OTW Team 1 – These Players are in

This year will contain more OTW-Cards than the years before. EA Sports is releasing two teams at the beginning instead of one. The first OTW-Team will be available in Packs for one week from the 9th of October at 7 p.m. The second OTW-Team will drop exactly after that week.


These Player are in the first OTW-Team:

  • Luis Suarez (88, ST, Atletico Madrid)
  • Timo Werner (85, ST, Chelsea FC)
  • Hakim Ziyech (85, ZOM, Chelsea FC)
  • Alex Telles (84, LV, Manchester United)
  • Tomas Partey (84, ZM, Arsenal)
  • Gareth Bale (83, RF, Tottenham)
  • Martin Odegaard (83, ZOM, Real Madrid)
  • Allan (83, ZOM, Everton)
  • Achraf Hakimi (83, RM, Inter Mailand)
  • Victor Osimhen (79, ST, SSC Neapel)
  • Nathan Aké (79, IV, Manchester City)

No Bundesliga player are part of the first OTW-team, but that will probably change for the second OTW-team. The german left wing Leroy Sané is a potential Cadidate, after his transfer to FC Bayern Munich.


By the way: If you ordered FIFA 21Ultimate Edition before the 14th of august, you will get an OTW-Card for free. You will get this card tonight at the Start of the Ones-to-watch-event.

If you want to get more Knowledge about FIFA21, Check out our Homepage. We show you everything you need to know about the game, to ensure to step up your game.


By Philipp Briel

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