FIFA 21 FUT Player Moments Thomas Müller SBC Solution

Finally a playable card of Thomas Müller. (Source: EA Sports)
Not only did the brand new What If promo launch this weekend, but there’s finally the special card for Thomas Müller that you’ve been waiting for. Actually, Müller should have been in the Team of the Year, but the new variant is also worth seeing: We have the Player Moments Thomas Müller SBC solution.

FIFA 21 Player Moments Thomas Müller

It currently costs just under 290,000 coins to complete the Squad Building Challenge. You still have until March 26 to secure Player Moments Thomas Müller for your team. Even if the card isn’t quite as strong as you might have hoped, the values are still impressive.

Müller’s speed in particular is significantly higher than on his gold card. He scored a whopping 17 points on top of that. 87 shooting and passing, 88 dribbling and 83 physicality make Player Moments Thomas Müller a real all-rounder in the offense. The skill upgrade should also make the card interesting for many. The new version has four star special moves.

Player Moments Thomas Müller SBC Solution

You’ll have to trade in a total of two teams for Müller’s new map. However, since you have 26 days to do so, you can take your time with the completion and use your Squad Battles or Rivals rewards.
  • Team with one player from Bayern Munich (84 OVR, min. 70 chemistry)
  • Team with one player from the Bundesliga (86 OVR, min. 55 chemistry)

Team 1: Bayern Munich

For less than 80,000 coins, you complete the first challenge. (Source: FUTBIN)
The first team will cost you almost 77,000 coins. Here you’ll choose a Bundesliga team, in which you’ll use central defender Lucas Hernández as a player of FC Bayern Munich.

Team 2: Bundesliga

The most favorable hybrid team for the 2nd SBC to Player Moments Thomas Müller. (Source: FUTBIN)
The second team is considerably more expensive with around 210,000 coins. Here you use Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich and Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich, who account for the majority of the coins. The team is supplemented by a Brazilian midfield from the Chinese CSL and the two Bosnians Visca and Dzeko.
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By Philipp Briel

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