FIFA 21 Title-Update 7: Contents & Patch-Notes

Title-Update 7 for FIFA 21 takes care of crosses and volleys (Source: EA Sports)
Only last week EA Sports released Title-Update 6.0 and 6.1, now the developers already submit the next update: FIFA 21 Title-Update 7 takes care of crosses and volleys among other things.

FIFA 21 Title-Update 7: The contents of the patch

Compared to the last FIFA patch, the new Title Update 7 is much more extensive. Among other things, the update improves the logic of the referees, who should behave more wisely when awarding yellow cards in the future.

But there are also some changes to the gameplay, especially with regard to crosses and volleys. For example, the new FIFA 21 patch reduces the speed of the ball for cut crosses and the flat cross. You should feel this especially with players who have a cross value of 75 or less.
Also volleys will be less precise the higher they reach a player with FIFA 21 Title Update 7. In short: Volleys will be more difficult to execute.

The logic for intercepting the ball in an opponent’s attack, where an opponent is directly in the trajectory of the ball, has also been changed. In FUT mode, a display problem in Squad Battles matches has also been fixed, as well as a bug with stability in co-op matches. Various minor improvements have also been made to FIFA 21’s VOLTA and Career modes, while various kits and stadiums have been reworked.

The whole list of changes can be found in the FIFA 21 Title Update 7 Patch Notes in the forum of EA Sports. The new update is expected to be released soon on PC, while on consoles it is expected to be released early next week.
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By Philipp Briel

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