FIFA 21 Title-Update 8: All infos about the patch

The first FIFA patch of the new year is here. (Source: EA Sports)
With FIFA 21 Title-Update 8 the first patch of the new year is in the starting blocks. As EA Sports announced on Twitter, the new patch is now available for download on PC. Console players will probably have to wait until next week. We tell you which changes are included in Title Update 8.

FIFA 21 Title-Update 8 weakens Team-Pressing & Stepovers

The most important changes of the new FIFA 21 patch have an impact on the whole gameplay. Among other things, the developers tackle the D-pad tactic “team pressing”.

The active time of pressing has been reduced from 20 to 15 seconds, while the effect will take 2 seconds to kick in after activation and your players will put pressure on the opponents. Also, team pressing will no longer automatically renew when the defending team gets the ball and then loses it again.

Also, perhaps the most powerful skill move in FIFA 21, the overstep, is noticeably weakened with Title Update 8. If you chain several special moves together, they will be executed less effectively. In addition, the animation has been slowed down and the small speed boost for your player has been toned down.

The changes to the FUT mode

Of course, the new patch also makes other changes to FIFA 21 that affect various game modes. In online games of the popular FUT mode, for example, from now on the ball that you have set yourself will always be selected – until now, the opponent’s leather was also displayed.

Furthermore, Squad Battles matches in co-op mode can now be paused by any player and the number of maximum pauses per match has also been removed. All other big and small changes you can read in the forum of EA Sports.
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By Philipp Briel

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