FIFA 22: What is HyperMotion technology?

HyperMotion is new in FIFA 22 (Source: EA Sports)
FIFA 22 impresses with a lot of new features, one of them is the HyperMotion technology. You can find out what this is all about here.

What is HyperMotion?

HyperMotion technology is based on two pillars: “11 vs. 11 Capturing” and “Machine Learning”. In the former, so-called Xsens suits enable the motion capturing of 22 playing professionals. According to EA, this results in an unprecedented amount of real motion data, which is the basis for the movements of players and teams in FIFA 22.
The second pillar is machine learning. According to developer EA SPORTS, the in-house algorithm learns from over 8.7 million frames with highly developed game capturing. This, it says, allows the machine learning algorithm to create new animations in real time. This allows players to better adjust their steps and cadence as they move, it says. This provides unprecedented football realism in all interactions on the pitch.

Authentic movements

By wearing the Xsens suits, it was possible for the first time to collect data from all 22 players simultaneously on every touch of the ball, every tackle, every sprint or even every aerial duel. This data serves as the basis for over 4,000 new animations in FIFA 22. According to EA SPORTS, the new HyperMotion technology in FIFA 22 will provide revolutionary football gameplay.
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By Stephan Murphy


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