FIFA21 CL Moments Emil Forsberg SBC Solution

Emil Forsberg gets a strong special card. (Source: EA Sports)

The first Champions League special card in FIFA 21 has arrived and it goes to the Bundesliga. Emil Forsberg from RB Leipzig is the lucky one. Whether the card is worthwhile and how you can secure it at the best price is revealed in our FIFA 21 CL Moments Emil Forsberg SBC solution.

FIFA21 CL Moments Emil Forsberg SBC solution

In the Champions League season 2019/2020 Emil Forsberg was significantly involved in the strong performance of RB Leipzig. That’s why EA Sports is giving the tenner a strong Moments special card. We show you the cheapest FIFA 21 CL Moments Emil Forsberg SBC solution.

Is the CL Moments card from Emil Forsberg worth it?

If you play a Bundesliga team in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, it’s definitely worth completing the Squad Building Challenge. The challenge costs just under 105,000 coins and the reward is the current best ZOM player in the Bundesliga.

Only Marco Reus’ rulebreakers Halloween card comes close to Forsberg, but costs about four times as much on the transfer market. 83 speed, 85 shooting, 88 passing and 88 dribbling without chemistry style are outstanding.
CL Moments Emil Forsberg SBC – The most affordable solution
At the end, a total of two teams must be exchanged:
– Team with one player from the Bundesliga (84 OVR, at least 80 chemistry)
– Team with one TOTW player (85 OVR, at least 65 chemistry)

Squad Building Challenge 1: Bundesliga

Around 33,000 coins are due for the first SBC team. The cheapest way is a Serie A team, in which Filip Kostic of Eintracht Frankfurt meets the league requirement.

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(Source: FUTBIN)

Squad Building Challenge 2: Top form

The second team is already significantly more expensive with just under 76,000 coins. We decide on an absolute hybrid team in which three goalkeepers are used. The TOTW card of the Portuguese Raphael Guerreiro meets the requirements.

If you want to know more about FIFA, check out our website. We show you how to be the best in FIFA.

By Philipp Briel

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