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In our column “SKILL CLASS” we present you helpful tips & tricks around the topic of FIFA on a regular basis. We already reported about the top 3 formations in FIFA21 and about the most effective skills in FIFA21. Today, we deal with another important part of the offensive game, namely the different dribbling styles. We show you how agile, slow and strafe dribbling work.
Dribbling is an elemantary part of FIFA21. With the right tips and tricks, you will make your opponents feel dizzy (Source: Everyeye).
You can always find the latest FIFA21 FUT news on our blog. Among others, it is about the upcoming Team of the Season (TOTS), which is expected to be released on Friday, April 23rd 2021. We have already provided you with our predictions for the TOTS Serie A, the TOTS of the Premier League as well as the Bundesliga TOTS and the FUT TOTS Nominees Leak. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Agile Dribbling

We start with Agile Dribbling, an incredibly effective variant of dribbling in FIFA21. Although this feature has been in numerous titles of the FIFA series, this year it is stronger than ever before. To perform an agile dribble with your player, you press the R1 button and move the left stick in the direction you want to turn. Agile dribbling allows you to turn and move around the field quickly and effectively, especially in tight spaces. With players like Neymar, Mbappé, or FUT-Cards with similarly high agility and dribbling, this form of dribbling works best. Especially in and around the opponent’s box, you can use the quick directional changes to create important space and make your opponent feel dizzy.
Execution: R1 + LS in desired direction

Slow Dribbling

In soccer, it’s not always about the greatest possible speed. With the help of the so-called slow dribbling, you can shield the ball optimally from your opponent while you still have enough control over the dribbling movements. You perform the slow dribble with the button combination R2 and L2. You can make full use of this dribbling variant when you look for a pass to a teammate after successfully shielding the ball. While the Agile Dribbling is best used in or around the opponent’s box, you can use the Slow Dribbling to shield the ball on the outer lane or in the center zone and gain time.
Execution: R2 + L2 + LS in desired direction

Strafe Dribbling

The Strafe Dribbling is also known from previous FIFA titles. In-game it looks quite similar to the Agile Dribbling. Also, we would recommend you to use the Strafe Dribbling in similar situations as the Agile Dribbling. However, due to the meta in FIFA21, the Agile Dribbling is clearly preferable to the Strafe Dribbling at any given time. If you still want to humiliate your opponent with this type of dribbling, you are of course free to do so. One from the category: so unnecessary that it’s already cool again.
Execution: L1 + LS in desired direction

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By Kevin Kapfer

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