FIFA21 FUT Birthday Team 2

EA Sports has released the second FIFA21 FUT Birthday Team (Source: EA Sports).
EA Sports has released the FIFA21 FUT (Ultimate Team) Birthday Team 2. Every week there is a lot of excitement to see which players EA Sports will release in their popular Birthday Promo. Here you can find out which cards made it into the team this week.

FUT Birthday Team 2 Lineup

What do you think about FUT Birthday Team 2 (Source: Futhead).
EA has released the second FUT Birthday Team. The team is led by Raheem Sterling. The Manchester City player impresses with five-star skills. With an overall rating of 90, central midfielder Houssem Aouar from Olympique Lyon gets a FUT Birthday card. In addition, the Frenchman convinces with five-star Weakfoot. In the forward line, you can look forward to the speedy Adama Traoré. With his five-star skills, the Wolverhampton Wanderers attacker is a real threat to any defense. From the Bundesliga, Dortmund’s Emre Can has made it into the team this time. His 88 overall rating paired with five-star Weakfoot make the card quite interesting.
• Sterling (92) with 5-star-skills and 4-star-weakfoot

• Modric (92) with 4-star-skills and 5-star-weakfoot

• Aouar (90) with 4-star-skills and 5-star-weakfoot

• Paulinho (90) with 4-star-skills and 5-star-weakfoot

• Adama Traoré (89) with 5-star-skills and 4-star-weakfoot

• Emre Can (88) with 5-star-skills and 4-star-weakfoot

• Tomori (87) with 5-star-skills and 4-star-weakfoot

• Atal (87) with 5-star-skills and 5-star-weakfoot

• Kent (86) with 5-star-skills and 5-star-weakfoot

• Bernardeschi (86) with 5-star-skills and 5-star-weakfoot

• Günter (85) with 5-star-Skills and 3-star-weakfoot
If you only look at the cards of Sterling, Aouar and Traoré, you will immediately see that FUT Birthday Team 2 does not have to hide. If you compare it with the FUT Birthday Team 1, EA Sports has even gone one step further.
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By Stephan Murphy

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