FIFA21 FUT: New Icon SBCs – Drogba, Pirlo & Campbell

From now on you can get yourself three new ICON MOMENTS cards (Source: EA Sports, Twitter)
EA Sports did it again. The popular Icon SBCs go into the next round. This time you can get yourself Didier Drogba, Andrea Pirlo and Sol Campbell. Fun fact: with the SBCs you get away cheaper than if you bought the icons on the transfer market. However, you’ll only get the cards as an untradeable version. Wanna know whether the new SBCs are worth it? Below, you’ll find a portrait of the icons, including a tip from GAMERS ACADEMY on whether the coins investment is worth it or not.

Didier Drogba (92)

Bayern shocker, African Footballer of the Year award winner, and along the way he helped end the civil war in his home country Ivory Coast – at least according to some of his fans. Didier Drogba is certainly a soccer icon of the 2000s, which EA honored with a 92 OVR rating as part of ICON MOMENTS. Do we even need to further describe Didier Drogba? Hardly. On the transfer market, 1.4 million coins are currently due for the brawny Ivorian. The cheapest solution from SBC will cost you 1.3 million coins.
GA says: Drogba’s speed and shooting ability are particularly impressive. He’s also a real weapon when it comes to set pieces. In-game, however, he lacks mobility and is not a typical meta player. Pay 1.3 million coins for an untradeable card? Not worth it in our opinion, there are better alternatives on the market.

Andrea Pirlo (93)

Passes coming from his ankle were his specialty, which even German national coach Joachim Löw warned against in the German press before 2012 European Championship semifinal. As is well known, warning words alone do not save from defeat, as the German national team also had to realize that evening. With 5* skill moves and a pass value of 96, the icon card does justice to Pirlo’s abilities. With the help of the SBC, you can get the Italian legend and world champion of 2006 for just under 430,000 coins.
GA says: Hardly any CM has as much flair as Andrea Pirlo has. How can you not like this man? All in all, the best Pirlo card in FIFA21, even if it lacks a bit of pace to become a meta card. Still, we think: Pirlo is worth it. However, we recommend getting the tradeable card, which you can get for a small surcharge (500k).

Sol Campbell (90)

In the Spanish FIFA community also known as “El Mamut”, you can now play the ICON MOMENTS card of Sol Campbell. The former English national player is a real alternative to Rio Ferdinand. While Ferdinand currently costs almost 2.5 million coins, you can get Sol Campbell – with the help of the new SBC – for less than a third of the price (750k).
GA says: Meanwhile, many ambitious gamers play a RB or a LB in the central defense position. For 750.00 Coins, you gotta be a big fan of the former Arsenal player. The baby version with 84 speed is available for about 450,000 coins. In direct comparison, this is probably the better alternative if you absolutely want to get Campbell in your team.
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By Kevin Kapfer

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