FIFA21 FUT Player Ratings & Chemistry Styles for rookies

There are different Chemistry Styles for each player (Source: Futbin)
Player Ratings and Chemistry Styles are an important part of FIFA21 Ultimate Team. Both can mean the difference between victory or defeat for you. Here we show you our top five Chemistry Styles and which player ratings are important for the different positions of your team.

Chemistry Style

Chemistry Styles are used to compensate for a player’s weaknesses while building on their strengths.


The Shadow Style is good for defenders (Source: EA Sports)
The Shadow Chemistry style is predestined for central defenders and defensive players, as it gives a strong boost to the player’s speed and defense values. Especially in the IV, high speed is usually in short supply.
Shadow (+3 PAC, +3 DEF)

• +15: Acceleration

• +10: Sprint Speed, Interceptions, Def. Awarenes

• +5: Heading, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle


The Hunter Style is good for Strikers (Source: EA Sports)
The Hunter Chemistry Style is pretty much the same as the Shadow Chemistry Style, but for strikers. The shot value and the speed of the attacker get a strong boost.
Hunter (+3 PAC, +3 SHO)

• +15: Volleys, Penalties

• +10: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Shot Power

• +5: Marking, Finishing


The Anchor Style is good for defenders (Source: EA Sports)
With the Anchor Chemistry Style, speed, defense and physique values get a boost. However, this is not as strong as with Shadow, which is why the Anchor can be seen as a light version of the Shadow style.
Anchor (+2 PAC, +2 DEF, +2 PHY)

• +10: Heading, Defensive Awareness, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, Jumping, Aggression

• +5: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Strenght


The Hawk Style is good for Strikers (Source: EA Sports)
In Hawk Chemistry Style, the player’s offensive stats are improved analogously to the Anchor. The shooting value, the speed value and the physique of the player get a boost. All values that a good striker needs.
Hawk (+2 PAC, +2 SHO, +2 PHY)

• +10: Positional Play, Shot Power, Volleys, Penalties, Jumping, Aggression

• +5: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Finishing, Strenght


The Engine Style is good for pushing the agility of stiff players (Source: EA Sports)
Engine Chemistry Style is good for pushing the agility of immobile and stiff players. But not only the agility is improved, also the speed, dribbling and passing gets a boost.
Engine (+2 PAC, +2 DRI, +2 PAS)

• +10: Free Kick, Long Passing, Balance, Dribbling

• +5: Acceleration, Sprint Speed, Vision, Curve, Short Passing, Agility, Reactions, Ball Control

Player Ratings

Which players you get for your team in FIFA21 Ultimate Team should depend on which player ratings are in demand on the different positions.


RB/LB: For the outside backs, it is important that you pay attention to which side the player should play on. On the right side you need a right-footed player, on the left side you need a left-footed player. This will help you play the ball forward accurately along the perimeter without having to move inside. A good basic speed, solid defensive values paired with a good physicality complete the profile of your outside back.
CB: In addition to speed, a good positional game is required in the CB. Furthermore, high physicality and headers are of great advantage. If you start your player opening with the central back, make sure to use players with good passing game.


CDM: The heart of any team. If you operate with two central players in midfield, divide them into a more offensive and a more defensive player. The more offensive part needs a good passing game and must have a good overview. The more defensive part should be a bit taller, have strong tackling skills and have a good heading game to act as a vacuum cleaner in front of the defense.
CAM: The CAM directs and coordinates your attacks. At the same time, he should also be able to score goals and get his own finishes. To be able to deliver all this, your CAM needs a strong overview, good passing and good finishing, five stars on the weak foot.
RW/LW: On the wing, the same applies as with the outside backs. A right-footer should play on the right wing and a left-footer on the left wing. This will make it easier for you to go down the line and pass the ball accurately into the penalty area. A good weak foot and good skills are also recommended to keep the upper hand in one-on-one situations or to move into the middle and finish.


With the striker, it is important to have someone who has a good body to be able to shield the ball. However, a strong body alone is not enough. Good stats in passing and finishing are just as important for a playmaking striker. Four to five stars on the weak foot and skills will make it much easier for you to score goals.
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By Stephan Murphy

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