FIFA21 FUT RTTF Europa League Update Prediction

These RTTF cards get an update from EA Sports (Source: fifaroster)
The UEFA Europa League quarterfinals are played and some players of the superior teams are waiting for an RTTF card upgrade in FIFA21 Ultimate Team (FUT). Which players will get an upgrade and even have the chance to get another one in the upcoming Europa League semifinals, you can find out here.

Premier League

From the Premier League three RTTF cards receive an update (source: fifaroster)
• Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (92), FC Arsenal

• Paul Pogba (90), Manchester United

• Marcus Rashford (89), Manchester United
English clubs are the dominant force in the UEFA Europa League this year. Two out of four remaining teams come from the motherland of footbal. Chances for further FIFA21 Ultimate Team RTTF card upgrades still have three players from the Premier League.

Serie A

From series A only one RTTF card is still in competition (source: fifaroster)
• Bruno Peres (88), AS Roma
There is only one FIFA21 Ultimate Team RTTF card left in the competition from Serie A, which still has a chance to upgrade in the UEFA Europa League semifinals. How AS Roma will do in the semifinals can be expected with excitement.

La Liga

From La Liga only one RTTF card can get further upgrades (source: fifaroster)
• Takefusa Kubo (85), Villareal CF
From La Liga only one FIFA21 Ultimate Team RTTF card has the chance for further upgrades. The upcoming UEFA Europa League semifinals will show whether the RTTF card of the Japanese prodigy will actually receive another upgrade.

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By Stephan Murphy

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