FIFA21 FUT: What If Team 2 Upgrades

These 5 What If Cards get upgraded in FUT thanks to their achievements (Source: FUTBIN)
It was Wednesday, my dudes. That means this week not only a new TOTW 28 was released, but EA gives us more upgrades on some cards from What If Team 2.
Let’s go over this real quick: similar to the Road to the Final cards (RTTF), the What If event is based on the performance of the players in real life soccer. For defensive players, a team has to remain without conceding a goal in one out of five games to get an in-game upgrade. Offensive players reach the next level by having their team score at least 6 goals in 5 games.

Krépin Diatta (85->87)

To keep it short, Krépin Diatta truly is a meta player in the making. In AS Monaco’s 4-0 win over FC Metz, his teammates upgraded Krépin Diatta from 85 to a 87 OVR. With his What If card, Diatta is now one of the top players on the right wing in Ligue 1. With a maximum of 99 in speed and agility, as well as 4* Skills and 4* Weak Foot, he can also act as a super-sub for some FIFA gamers. If you want to add Diatta to your team, you’ll have to shell out about 240,000 coins to do so.

Cristian Tello (87->89)

As of now, another weapon in right midfield could be Cristian Tello from Real Betis. Also equipped with a decent amount of speed and dribbling, he can almost be seen as a counterpart to Diatta in the Spanish La Liga. The only drawback is that Cristian Tello’s What If card was only available for a limited time through an SBC. If you invested early, you can now look forward to a big boost from 87 to 89 OVR.

Florian Thauvin (87->89)

The Frenchman from Olympique Marseille is now swirling in the offensive midfield with his 89 card, which has increased in all respects by +2 and in the physique area by +3 compared to the previous version of his What If card. With the right chemistry style, we can definitely see Florian Thauvin as a link to PSG’s Kylian Mbappé. Currently, Thauvin can be bought for about 250,000 coins on the FUT transfer market.

Lucas Leiva (88->90)

The FIFA veteran, who is now under contract with Lazio Roma, is enjoying an upgrade to his What If card following his club’s turbulent 2-1 home win over Spezia Calcio. From now on, you can play Lucas Leiva with a 90 OVR card in FIFA21 Ultimate Team. However, a look at the FUT transfer market reveals that he will only be part of a few teams: despite the upgrade he does not even cost 100,000 coins.

Mattéo Guendouzi (87->89)

Last but not least, another Bundesliga player gets an upgrade in FUT. Mattéo Guendouzi from Hertha BSC Berlin was on the pitch in the 1-1 city duel against Union Berlin. He certainly can’t be satisfied with the result in a derby of this size. Perhaps the upgrade of his What If card from 87 to 89 OVR will console over the draw. Additionally, Guendouzi joins the Gullit Gang: all the stats on his card have at least an 80 value to show for it. Similar to Cristian Tello, however, the Hertha midfielder is not available on the FUT transfer market. He was only available as an Objective Player a few weeks ago.
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By Kevin Kapfer

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