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In this week’s edition of our SKILL CLASS, we will show you some helpful tips & tricks on how to create more chances and score more goals in FIFA21. So far, we have already given you exclusive content about the top 3 formations in FIFA21, the most effective skill moves, as well as tips about dribbling in FIFA. Last week we talked about how to score more penalties and win every penalty shootout. In this article, we’ll show you a few moves and tricks on how to create more scoring chances on offense, score more goals, and ultimately perform better in the Weekend League.
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We show you how to score more goals in FIFA21 (Source: EA Sports).
Now let’s jump into the best ways to score goals in FIFA21.

Over the Wings

Playing over the wings to score goals is probably one of the most effective ways in FIFA21. There are different ways of how you can do this. It’s important to mention that rehearsed moves are always “nice to have”, but in the end it is even more important to make the right decision in the respective game situation. An example would be the following move: With your fullback you send your winger along the sideline. After your striker receives the ball, you move into the middle, for example after a ball stop or a cheeky little skill combination. Your incoming striker takes off into the open space and you play the pass into his run and immediately look for the finish. Below you can find a video from our coach and former FIFA European Champion Kev1n, who has some more tips regarding playing over the wings.

Around the Box

You’ve probably experienced it yourself several times: getting through the middle zone is no problem at all, but at the opponent’s box a seemingly insurmountable defensive wall is waiting for you. Sometimes, after just a few short, quick passes, a gap in the opponent’s defense opens up. The most important thing is not to get impatient too quickly and fire a hasty finish into the defense’s block. In this video you’ll find a few moves from Coach Kev1n that will hopefully help you.

Inside the Box

It gets really difficult when your opponent decides to park the bus and defends with 10 men at or in his own box. With the help of a few skill moves, a distance shot or a quick passing combination you can break through the wall. Kev1n shows you a few tips and in-game examples on how to break through your opponent’s defense.
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By Kevin Kapfer


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