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In this week’s edition of our SKILL CLASS, we’ll show you how to correctly move your goalkeeper in FIFA21 to concede less goals. So far, we’ve already provided you with exclusive content on the top 3 formations in FIFA21, tips on dribbling, and the most effective corner and freekick variants.
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You can move your goalkeeper with the right stick (Source: EA Sports).
Moving the goalkeeper correctly is certainly the supreme discipline in FIFA21. If you master this skill, you can save yourself in the last second in some 1 on 0 situations. In general, we distinguish three game situations in which it makes sense to move the goalkeeper: 1 on 0 situations, corners and free kicks.
First of all, you can move your goalkeeper in the game with the help of your right stick. To do this, hold down R3 and move your RS in the desired direction in which you want your goalkeeper to move. Now, let’s have a look at the different scenarios.


Most opponents in the Weekend League pull a player out of the middle to create more space in the box. This is followed by a sharp ball to a player with a strong header, usually near the five-metre area. To make these balls easier to clear, place your goalkeeper directly at the six yard box. Depending on how the corner is taken, you can also have your goalkeeper rush out with the triangle button. With this trick, you can defuse many of your opponents’ corner kicks. If your opponent notices that you have moved the goalkeeper, he may play a long ball towards the second post. In this case, you should put your goalkeeper back on the goal line. Many opponents do not have an alternative corner kick option ready and will play the ball right into your goalkeeper’s arms.


Depending on the distance to your goal, it can be very helpful to move your goalkeeper during an opponent’s free kick. In general, the more dangerous the free kick position, the more important it is that you position your goalkeeper correctly. Against good players, however, this is an enormous balance act. If you move your goalkeeper one step too much, the goalkeeper’s corner will be open and your opponent will simply score from the free kick. In general, we recommend that you place your goalkeeper as centrally as possible. Another possibility is to knowingly offer the goalkeeper’s corner to your opponent. This means that you intentionally move your goalkeeper behind your wall and steer him back to his starting position at the last second. Of course, you can also put a player on the goal line. With these two tricks, you make it very difficult for your opponent to score from a supposedly good free kick position.

In game Situations

Actively moving the goalkeeper during the game is almost like playing mind games. If you move your goalkeeper once, your opponent will expect you to do so again in the next situation. You can play with this supposed knowledge of your opponent. Sometimes you move the goalkeeper and sometimes you don’t. This means that your opponent has to reorientate in every situation and you make it more difficult for him to make a decision on the goal. For example, in most 1 on 1 situations, especially when your opponent is running slightly sideways towards the goal, players will finish into the far corner. So, you can move your goalkeeper a bit towards the far corner to take away this option. If your opponent does not change his mind at short notice, your goalkeeper will stop the shot.
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By Kevin Kapfer


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