FIFA21: How to score from freekicks #1 - SKILL CLASS

In this week’s edition of our SKILL CLASS, we’ll show you some helpful tips & tricks on how to score from freekicks. So far, we have already provided you with exclusive content about the top 3 formations in FIFA21, the most effective skill moves in the game as well as tips about all types of dribbling and how to score from penalties in FIFA21. Last week we talked about how to create chances in the offense and score more goals. In this article, we’ll show you three effective freekick variants, how to perform them and when to use them.
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We show you how to score more goals from freekicks (Source: EA Sports).

Top-Spin Freekick

Scenario 1: You have a free kick relatively central, 16-18m in front of goal. All you have to do is aim with the left stick exactly into the top corner above the wall, charge 1.5-2 bars shot-power and your player hammers the free kick exactly into the top corner.

Dipping Freekick

Scenario 2: the referee awards you a free kick at a distance of about 18-20m away from goal. Depending on the distance, you have to charge up 2-3 bars of shot power. With the left stick you aim as high as possible over the goal or over the goal corner where the ball should hit. With the right stick, after pressing the shoot button, you perform a movement upwards and then immediately downwards. Your player will then perform a top-spin free kick and the ball will drop into the goal.

Curved Freekick

The curved free kick is useful if you don’t want to take a free kick from a central position and want to circle the ball around the wall. To do this, first position your player as far out as possible with the right stick. With the left stick you aim as far as possible next to the wall and keep the target at the height of the top corner of the goal. Depending on the distance, we recommend you to use 2-3.5 bars of shooting power. After pressing the shot button, turn your right stick up from the bottom in a semicircle. The ball will follow the direction you set with your right stick in its flight curve.
In the meantime, however, many players in the Weekend League are moving their goalkeeper. In this case you will have to adjust your freekick. Tune in next week for more freekick tutorials on how to score when your opponent moves their goalkeeper.
In the video below our coach Schnixx shows you some of the freekick variations we just covered.
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By Kevin Kapfer


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