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In this week’s edition of our SKILL CLASS series, we will tell you how to score every penalty in FIFA21. So far, we have already given you exclusive tips & tricks about the Top 3 formations in FIFA21, the most effective skill moves in the game as well as on how to improve your dribbling. In this article we will show you everything you need to know about the penalty shootout to be successful in your next Weekend League.
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Use these tips to score every penalty. (Source: WDR)
First of all, it’s important to mention that at the penalty spot, your player always moves his head to where you aim with the left stick. Therefore, if you aim at a corner from the start and then go for the penalty, your opponent will already know where you want to shoot the ball. However, you can get around this problem with a simple trick.
To start your penalty shot correctly, simply aim at the center and press the circle button. Only after you have charged up the shot, you move your left stick to the desired corner. This ensures that your player’s line of sight doesn’t tell your opponent where you want to place your penalty.
You can further optimize this variant by working with the so-called timed finish. Press the shot button once more as soon as your player touches the ball with his foot. With the help of the green timed finish, it is even more likely that your penalty taker will convert from the spot.
As a last variant we can recommend you to take your penalty with the inside of your player’s foot. You can do this by pressing the R1 button when taking the penalty. Aim for the right or left cross corner. Normally, the opponent’s goalkeeper won’t even be able to hold the ball if he dives into the right corner. Again, of course, you can spice up this penalty opportunity with a green-timed finish.
Last but not least, we have a tip for you if you have problems keeping the target in the desired position. Simply clamp your right stick with your thumb and index finger. This will make it much easier to keep the target steady during the penalty kick. In the following video, our coach Schnixx summarizes all the important points for you to score more penalties.
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By Kevin Kapfer


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