FIFA21 Meta Custom Tactics and Player Instructions

FIFA 21 Custom Tactics and Player Instructions (source: Twitter@ RyanProdigy_)
A question that every ambitious FIFA gamer asks himself every year is which formation is the best for his FIFA21 Ultimate Team playstyle. Today we would like to present you a meta formation with the recommended tactics.This formation is also played by many e-sports players. You can use the tactics and instructions or adapt them individually to your playing style.

The 5-3-2 formation

Since the stepover patch at the end of January the 5-3-2 formation in FIFA21 is irreplaceable. FIFA E-Sports player Dylan “Dullen Mike” Neuhausen and many other E-Sports players have been using the 5-3-2 since then. The five central players, which consist of the two strikers and the three central midfielders, always provide a compact superior number situation in the center, which is difficult for opponents to play against. In addition, there is the most important position. The offensive fullbacks! Defensively, you stand compact and switch quickly into the attack when you win the ball. This gives the player the opportunity to make his offensive game very variable. Due to the full-backs and the three center-backs, you stand very compact in the defense despite the overnumbered game in the attack.

5-3-2 - The best custom tactics

• Defensive style: Balanced

• Width: 5

• Depth: 5

• Offensive style: Balanced / Long ball

• Width 5

• Players in penalty area 5-6

• Corners: 2

• Free kicks: 1
Alternatively, you can try the “long ball” option in the offensive style, which makes your offensive playstyle even more dangerous. However, this also makes your team more vulnerable to counterattacks. Try out both options to find the tactic that suits the most to your style of play.
The custom tactics for the 5-3-2 (Source: EA SPORTS)

5-3-2 – The best player instructions

It is important that your LWB and RWB have high stamina values of 85 or more, as they will be running up and down the sideline the entire game. They should also have good passing and dribbling stats to be able to pass through the opposing defenders in 1 vs 1 situations and provide the strikers with crosses and passes.

One of the two full-backs does not necessarily have to be a good defender. For example, if you start with the 4-4-2 and switch to the 5-3-2 via the individual tactics in the game, you can also have an RM or LM playing in defense. One CDM should also provide stability as a classic defensive midfielder in front of the defensive line, while the other two midfielders get involved in the offense.
Make the following settings by using the player instructions in the menu:

• full-backs: get forward, overlap

• defensive CM (center): stay back while attacking, cover center

• offensive CM: get forward, cover center

• Striker: Balanced attack / get in behind

If these instructions are too offensive for you, you can also give one of the two outside CM players the instruction to stay back while attacking or balanced attack.
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By Patrick Kreichgauer

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