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With these skills you can improve your gameplay in FIFA21
For some a mystery, for others already an integral part of their own game: skill moves in FIFA21. With the right skill moves you can solve almost any situation in-game. Many skills are not only incredibly effective, but also look pretty cool. In our SKILL CLASSES we regularly provide you with tips and tricks about offense, defense, tactics and skills online.
In this article we will show you the most effective skill moves in FIFA21, how they work and in which in-game situations you can use them best. And don’t forget that practice makes perfect! Especially in the beginning it can happen that your player don’t execute the move you actually want to them execute. However, it’s definitely worth sticking with it to become the ultimate skill master.

1. Ball Stopp - 2 Star

Let’s start with one of the simplest skills in FIFA21: the ball stop. You can and should use it best in full sprint with your player and thus let the opponent run on for a short moment, which – in the best case – gives you free spaces. You execute the ball stop with R1 + shot feint (square + X). You can perform this skill with any of your field players, as this trick only requires 2 star skill moves. From a standing position you can combine the ball stop with other skills as you like.
Execution: R1 + square + X

2. Ball roll into Scoop Turn – 5 Star

Especially with your agile players, you can effectively use the “Ball roll into Scoop Turn”. You need a player with 5* skill moves to perform this move. The Ball roll into Scoop Turn gives you important space to play in, especially in the middle of your opponent’s offensive zone, due to the quick change of direction. You execute the move by first making a ball roll (right stick up or down, depending on the desired direction). Directly after the ball roll you execute a scoop turn (shot feint + left stick in the desired direction).
Execution: After ball roll: square + X + LS in desired direction (180° turn)

3. Elastico – 5 Star

Not only GAMERS ACADEMY coaches love this move, but also numerous gamers have already included it in their skill set. Although this skill move was even more effective before the first patch was released for FIFA21, it is definitely still one of the best skill moves in the game. You perform the Elastico by moving the right stick from right to left with a half turn. For this move you need a player with 5* skill moves.
Execution: RS ½ turn from right to left

4. Reverse Elastico – 5 Star

As the name already suggests, the Reverse Elastico is closely related to the already described Elastico. As with its “little brother”, you need a player with 5 star skill moves to perform it. The execution of the Reverse Elastico only differs in that you now have to rotate the right stick from left to right in a half turn. Unfortunately, the Reverse Elastico was patched some weeks after FIFA21 release, but it is still one of the most popular and effective moves in the game.
Execution: RS ½ turn from left to right

5. La Croquetta Cancel – 4 Star

Still incredibly effective is the so-called “La Croquetta Cancel”. Admittedly, this move is something for the pros among you guys. It is based on the idea that you cancel the “La Croquetta” move during execution. For this skill you need not only fast fingers, but also a player with at least 4 star skill moves. First, you start the “La Croquetta” by holding down L1 while performing a ball roll. While your player is executing this move, end it early by pressing L2 and R2 at the same time. Timing is everything here. To be able to execute the Croquetta Cancel optimally, we recommend practicing in the training arena first.
Execution: L1 + ball roll + R2 + L2

6. Directional Nutmeg / Bridge V2 – 1 Star

Last but not least, we have a move for you with which you can dupe your opponents in the classic sense. With the key combination L1+R1 and a diagonal movement of the right stick in the desired direction, your player tries to nutmeg the opponent. Best thing about this meta skill move is that it only requires 1* skill move from your player.
Execution: R1 + L1 + RS in desired direction

Now you have an overview of the most effective skiills in FIFA21. All you gotta do now is practice, practice, practice! We wish you a lot of fun with the realization phase! Here you can find the article about our last SKILL CLASS, in which we told you about the Top 3 Formations in FIFA21.
If you want to learn even more about FIFA, make sure to check out our PRO PLAN. Our coaches will show you how to become the best FIFA player.


By Kevin Kapfer

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