FIFA21: New WL rewards - TOTS players are now available in your weekend league packs

TOTS players are now available in your weekend league rewards. (Source: ITANI)
This Friday, on April 23rd 2021, the time has finally come: EA Sports releases the first Team of the Season (TOTS) Special Cards in FIFA21 Ultimate Team (FUT). The event will most likely start with the EFL Team and the Community TOTS.
In line with the new FUT event, EA is also adjusting the Weekend League (WL) rewards in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) to meet the numerous demands of FIFA players. From now on, you can not only pack cards from the current Team of the Week from your Player Picks, but you can also get yourself some players from the respective TOTS, which is available in packs at the time of your rewards.
Nevertheless, there are some small adjustments, for example the maximum rating of a FUT card in the Player Picks, which depends on your performance in the Weekend League. Below we have summarized all the important regulations for you:
• Top 100 – Instead of an Ultimate TOTW pack, you’ll get a TOTS pack with 11 players from the current Team of the Season.
• Elite 3+ – Your TOTW pack changes to a TOTS pack, including 3 guaranteed TOTS cards
• Gold 2+ – One guaranteed TOTS player pick
• Silver 2/3 – your TOTS player pick is limited to an OVR rating of 88
• Silver 3+ – Red TOTW cards are switched with TOTS cards
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By Kevin Kapfer

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