FIFA21 news – everything you need to know about the new game

By Coach Alex

As FIFA21 is just around the corner, the hype is building up more and more. Fans are eager to finally play the new game which hopefully lets us forget the many headaches FIFA20 has given us with its laggy servers and rough gameplay. If you don’t want to miss any information and news about the next game in the FIFA series look no further than on our GAMERS ACADEMY website. We’re providing everything you need to know about the successor of FIFA20. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about release date, new features, different editions and more. Let’s get started!

FIFA 21 - When will the game be released?

Due to the late start of the football season, the FIFA release is also delayed by about two weeks. If you pre-order the game, you’ll be able to play on the 6th of October. Otherwise you’ll have to wait another 3 days until the general release on the 9th of October. As always, it’s up to you whether you choose to download the game or buy a physical copy. FIFA 21 will be released for the following platforms:

  • PS4/PS5
  • Xbox One/SeriesX
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Google Stadia

Apart from FIFA21, the next big gaming news is the new generation of consoles Sony and Microsoft are supposedly going to release in November. FIFA21 will be available for those as sson as they come out. If you’ve purchased FIFA21 for Playstation4 or Xbox one – don’t worry – you can simply update your game to the newer version for free.

Next-Gen consoles - What happens to your game progress?

Huge news for everyone that plans to buy the generation of consoles, wether it be the Xbox series x or the PS5! Your game progress in FUT and VOLTA will be linked to your player account, this meas that you’ll be able to transfer your progress onto the new consoles. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to your in career mode, pro clubs, etc. your progress in these modes will be lost once you switch to PS5/XSX.

FIFA Ultimate Team – What‘s new?

Let’s start with the game mode we all have a love/hate relationship with – FUT. After years of slight adjustments which often were disappointing, EA has finally announced huge changes to Ultimate Team.

No fitness, healing or training items

Yes you read that right! EA has finally abolished the annoying fitness, healing and trading cards from Ultimate Team. You no longer have to buy expensive team fitness cards after. Your players’ fitness will jump back to 99 after every game. You will also save a lot of your hard earned coins on healing cards because injuries are no longer a part of FUT. No more training cards mean you’ll only be able to boost the stats of your players by using chemistry styles. A blog on that topic is coming very soon – stay tuned.

FUT coop for more interaction

Until now, FUT has always been a single player mode. Playing with friends was only possible the old fashioned way with a second controller. In FIFA21, you’ll finally be able to play with friends all over the world. EA has announced a coop mode similar to pro clubs coming to FUT! The matchmaking is linked to the higher ranked player. If you play in the 7th division and your teammate is a 3rd division player, you’ll have to play against other 3rd division players.

Be a teamplayer for huge prices at FUT events

Thanks to the new Community Challenges all players will be working towards huge prizes. At the beginning of the year, EA will create two huge teams every FUT player can join. These teams will be getting regular tasks they have to fulfil in order to get rewards. In addition, big team events will be scheduled, in which certain tasks have to be completed over a fixed period of time. The winners can look forward to rewards such as coins, packs or club items.

Your own FUT stadium?

Old Trafford, San Siro or the Allianz Arena? Until now, you had to select your stadiums from a huge pool of real football temples. FIFA21 will give you the opportunity to build the stadium of your dreams. Everything – from architecture to goal chants – is going to be customizable. Over time, you’ll unlock more and more individual customization options.

New icons on the field

Once again, icons will be the No. 1 object of desire in FUT. You’ll be able to obtain them through challenges, buy them on the market or pull them in a pack. This year, 11 new icons are coming into the game, here they are:

  • Petr Cech
  • Fernando Torres
  • Xavi
  • Eric Cantona
  • Ashley Cole
  • Samuel Eto’o
  • Davor Suker
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger
  • Philipp Lahm
  • Ferenc Puskas
  • Nemanja Vidic

As usual, the icons included in the game can be key to get the perfect team chemistry. Since they can link with every player in the game, you’ll be able to build incredible teams with them. They have green connections to all other icons as well as to any player of the same nationality. Of course, they still have to be used in the right position.

The FIFA 21 career mode

After many players complained about EA neglecting the career mode, there is a huge update this year. You’ll be able to join into a game your simulating to take matters into your own hands in key scenes of the game.

There are also some innovations in the development of young players. The new development system offers the possibility to readjust the positions of the young players. This makes it even easier to integrate a newcomer into the team. But there are limits to your imagination. The full-back can become a good winger. But it is not possible to turn a goalkeeper into a playmaker.

In addition to the previous player statistics, there is now the so-called clutch value. It determines whether your players are able to deliver thier top game in decisive moments. You’re able to train this ability in your normal training sessions. You can now also regulate the resting time your players are getting. This means that they’re able to go into almost every game with perfect fitness.

Of course, signing new players is still the essential task in career mode. These transfers are now even more realistic in FIFA21. You can now complete loan transfers with different clauses, for example with a buy out fee, just like in real life. This allows you to bring players into your club you normally wouldn’t be able to afford. Maybe this is the year where we all can have Mbappé in our career mode.

This is new at VOLTA

Last year EA introduced the VOLTA mode for the first time as an addition to the traditional FIFA. After initially being a single player experience, the focus is now on playing together with friends. With up to four other players, rapid gameplay is now possible on the small field. FIFA 21 even offers the possibility to bring your own personality into the game. You can customize your own players to challenge other people online with them. Every duo victory means new points and a rise in the rankings.

Besides this new interactive part of VOLTA, the mode remains interesting for single players. New battles are presented in the menu every week. Similar to FUT, you compete against the AI or the best teams from the online community. Perfect technique is crucial in VOLTA. Regarding this aspect, the new VOLTA gameplay seems to be even more important. The new agile dribbling creates more dynamic in your game. In addition, the AI’s running paths have been improved to make the game experience even more realistic on the small field. Despite these new features, fancy skill move remain as the most important feature in every attack.

The shooting system of VOLTA has also been adapted to the smaller dimensions of the pitch. This makes it possible to finish even more precisely. Over the course of the player’s development, he will steadily improve his finishing ability. Nevertheless, in comparison to the standard sized pitch, the finish remains the most difficult aspect in the VOLTA mode. After all, every shot must be controlled manually. You need lots of precision to get goals.

The FIFA 21 Gameplay

Like every year, there are quite a few changes to the gameplay. EA introduced a new dribbling system which promises more control and reactivity with the ball, this allows you to control your players a lot better.

New Skills

In terms of skills, most special moves from the previous editions are still in the game. The controls stay the same as well so you won’t need to learn any new combinations. However, a new feature is the outside of the foot dribbling which can be performed with players who have at least 4* skills. The new ball roll spin finch adds another possibility to gain space and win 1-on1 situations.

Players act more intelligent

In previous parts of the series, even the best players got caught offside on the regular or simply ruined chances due to bad positioning. These times are finally over! EA has introduced the positioning personality in FIFA21. Top players like Aguero will consciously avoid offside positions before the decisive pass is played. Starting with FIFA 21, creative playmakers try to find the gaps between your opponents defensive rows in order to initiate the next dangerous attack. But this new system is not only useful in the offense. Defenders are going to position themselves on the field in a more intelligent way to cut passing lanes and stop attacks. Hopefully this will make FIFA21 more realistic.

Creative runs

The new creative runs feature allows you to play through balls even more precisely. The players will time their runs perfectly and make sure they’re onside. In combination with perfect pass timing, entire defensive lines can be levered out with one pass with the help of the creative runs.


We all remember FIFA14, where headers were the most overpowered finishing technique. This belongs to the past, in the last few FIFAs, headers were useless, you might score a lucky one here or there but they didn’t really contribute much to the attacking game. For this reason, manual control of the headers replace the automated closure in FIFA21. You’re now able to determine the force of a header more precisely. The most important factor for heading in the new FIFA will be the timing in the air duel. Players with good physical stats are going to be very effective in the air.

Shorter animations for less frustration

We all lost our temper more than once due to our opponents excessive celebrating or time wasting, especially in Ultimate Team. Pretty much everyone used every opportunity to annoy the opponent by using offensive celebrations or watching every replay. EA now takes action against this in FIFA 21 and made some changes to the animations in online mode. Goal celebrations are shortened significantly. After a much shorter interruption, the game will be resumed normally. Additionally, the developers took two different celebrations out of the game:

  • The shush celebration which tells the opponent to be quiet
  • The A-Ok celebration which was inspired by Dele All

These two small changes will definitely prevent lots of rage quits. In addition, the waiting time for other set pieces in the game is shortened. If these have not yet been executed after the waiting time has expired, the AI executes a greatly simplified variant. The future waiting times are as follows:

  • Kickoff : 10 Sekunden
  • Throw in : 12 Sekunden
  • Goal kick : 15 Sekunden
  • Penalty : 15 Sekunden
  • Corner : 15 Sekunden
  • Freekick : 20 Sekunden

The top 4 players

Recently EA published the list of the top 100 players in FIFA21, some surprises are again this year – we present you the best 4 players in the new game here.

Robert Lewandowski

Bayern Munich’s superstar played the season of his life – in 47 games he scored an incredible 55 goals and also gave 10 assists, numbers reminiscent of Messi and Ronaldo. Annoying for him that the Ballon d’or will not be awarded this year due to the Corona Pandemic. At least the Pole got a +2 upgrade in FIFA21 and is now on the 3rd place of the best rated players with a 91 card, although in our opinion a 92 would have been in it for him . Lewandowski was not one of the most effective strikers in FIFA so far due to his lack of speed. We are curious if this will change with his new card.


Despite losing to Bayern Munich in the Champions League final, the Brazilian superstar has probably had his best season at PSG. Although he only played 27 games, he scored 19 goals and 12 assists and led his team to the league title and cup success. Nevertheless, the left wing player was downgraded -1 compared to his 92 rating in FIFA20. Neymar will again be one of the best players in the game in the upcoming FIFA, his dribblings, as well as 5* skills and weak foot make him unpredictable but unfortunately also expensive.

Lionel Messi

Once again the little Argentinean is on the 1st place of the best players in the new FIFA Game. Despite a total of 57 goals (!) in just 44 games, the Barcelona legend received a downgrade of -1 compared to his FIFA20 rating. Also in his case this is probably due to the missing titles in the last season. Last year Barcelona was unsuccessful for the first time in years, both nationally and internationally. Messi will probably once again be less effective than Ronaldo in FIFA21, despite his better ingame rating, because he simply doesn’t have the physical strength to succeed in many situations.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In 2nd place are once again the usual suspects – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. This year, the Portuguese player took the short straw and ended up in second place with a 92 rating. Despite his 37 goals and 7 assists in 46 games, the superstar was downgraded by -1. Maybe it’s because his club Juventus Turin only won the league title last season. Despite his downgrade the Superstar will probably be the best normal card this year as well. His stats make him the perfect goal scorer and 5* skills and 4* weak foot are an added bonus. However, he will of course also cost accordingly.

Every FIFA 21 version and bonuses for pre-orderers

As usual FIFA 21 will be released in different versions. Special offers are waiting for you, especially for FUT. Here‘s an overview of the different editions of the game:

FIFA 21 Standard Edition

  • Up to 3 rare gold packs
  • Cover star loan item
  • FUT ambassador loan item
  • Special edition FUT kits and stadium items

FIFA 21 Champions Edition

  • 3 days early access
  • Up to 12 rare gold packs
  • Cover star loan item
  • Career mode homegrown talent 
  • FUT ambassador player pick
  • Special edition FUT kits and player picks

FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition

  • 3 days early acess
  • Up to 24 rare gold packs
  • Cover star loan item 
  • Career mode homegrown talent
  • FUT ambassador player pick
  • Special edition FUT kits and stadium items

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