FIFA21: Premier League POTM Heung-Min Son SBC solution

Heung-Min Son is player of the month October in the Premier League. (Source: EA Sports)

The Player of the Month (POTM) of the English Premier League in October 2020 has finally been determined. In this month the South Korean Heung-Min Son of Tottenham Hotspur secures the award and may be pleased about a strong FUT special card. We have the cheapest Premier League POTM Heung Ming Son SBC solution.

After Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Heung-Min Son was voted second Premier League POTM by football fans and can look forward to a strong new card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Outstanding values, but the Squad Building Challenge also comes at a proud price.

Is the card from Son worth it?

If you look at the values of PL POTM Heung-Min Son, 90 speed, 88 shooting and 89 dribbling are the most striking – and all this without any chemistry style. This is where either Engine or Hunter come in, making Son a first-class preparer or goal scorer.

“Sonaldo” also provides the perfect link to the strong rulebreakers card of teammate Harry Kane.

Son is one of the best Five Star Weak Foot players in FIFA 21 – the new card is, for the moment, simply outstanding. The challenge costs around 615,000 coins, for which four teams have to be traded in.

That is quite expensive for an unexchangeable player. If you want to change your team at some point, you have thrown the coins out the window and the FIFA 21 Team of the Year (TOTY) in December will be in the starting blocks soon.

PL POTM Heung-Min Son SBC Solution

If you still want to get PL POTM Son in your team, you have to trade in four teams:

  • Team with a player from Tottenham (85 OVR, min. 1 TOTW, min. 75 chemistry)
    Team with a player from the Premier League (86 OVR, at least 70 chemistry)
    Team with one TOTW player (87 OVR, min. 70 chemistry)
    Team with an OVR of 88 (at least 55 chemistry)

Team 1: Spurs

The first SBC team for which we combine Bundesliga, Premier League and Serie A costs around 80,000 coins.

Team 2: Premier League

Here the price is already at about 115,000 coins. We are going the way of a hybrid team from England and Germany.

Team 3: Top form

180,000 coins cost this team alone. On the other hand, the chemistry requirement is quite low, which allows us to combine freely and gives us the opportunity to use six goalkeepers.


Team 4: 88-rated Squad

With about 240,000 coins the most expensive SBC for PL POTM Heung-Min Son. But even here, hardly any chemistry is required, which opens many possibilities. This time again, five goalkeepers are used.

If you want to know more about FIFA21, check out our Homepage. We show you everything you need to know about the game, to ensure to step up your game.


By Philipp Briel

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