FIFA21 Pro Clubs – best build for Central defender

When creating your central defender you have to pay attention to several factors (Source: EA Sports)
In the seventh part of our FIFA21 Pro Clubs series we showed you how to build the perfect offensive defender and the perfect defensive defender for the mode. In the eighth part we explain how to build the perfect central defender in a three player backline defence and the perfect central defender in a four player backline defence for the mode.
A stable defense is the basis for success in football. This is also true for FIFA21 Pro Clubs mode. That’s why the teams have to build a strong defense, in addition to the accurate strikers and creative midfielders. How a Pro Clubs defender is ideally built depends largely on the playing style of your team. Nevertheless, there are three promising approaches that you should implement depending on the exact position of your Virtual Pro.

Three player backline defence

If the defender is one of the two outside players in a three player backline defence, your Virtual Pro doesn’t need to be modeled quite as tall as the central defender in the middle. The right mix of height and agility is 6,0 feet with a weight of 149 lbs. As with all built defenders, you’ll opt for the outside defender position.
The middle defender in the three player backline defence gets into headers much more often and therefore has to be taller. 6,1 feet is ideal. In terms of weight, stay at 149 lbs.
The optimal dimensions of your player are crucial for his abilities (Source: EA Sports)

Four player backline defence

A center back in the four player backline defence is built the same way as the center man in the three player backline defence at the start. This means that your Virtual Pro will be 6,1 lbs tall and weigh a skinny 149 lbs. Since your Virtual Pro gets into fewer running duels and has to win more headers, you should make the player a bit taller after a while. His speed is still enough thanks to the distributed skill points.

Skill points distribution

The skill points should be invested in speed for both variants in the three player backline defence at the beginning. Speed is the basis of every defender in FIFA21 Pro Clubs. Afterwards the points can be put into stamina and defensive values.
The skill points for a central defender in a four player backline defence are distributed identically.
A strong central defender needs a good tempo value (Source: EA Sports)
In conclusion, the settings for a Pro Clubs central defender differ only minimally in the various variants. Nevertheless, the finishing touches can make the difference between victory and defeat. One thing is clear: none of you wants to see your Virtual Pro lose.
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By Stephan Murphy


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