FIFA21 Pro Clubs - Skill Points and XP Points

FIFA Pro Club has a large fan community (Source: EA Sports)
In the first part of our FIFA21 Pro Club series we explained what the game mode Pro Clubs is and how it works. In the second part we will talk about how you can improve your Virtual Pro. There are two possibilities: Either by collecting Virtual Pro XP or by skill points.

What is Virtual Pro XP?

After completed games (spontaneous games, league games and cup games) your Virtual Pro receives experience points (XP). XP received increases the stats and overall value of your Virtual Pro. There are two types of XP: base game XP and bonus XP.

Basic Game XP

In the base game XP, your Virtual Pro will receive a certain amount of XP points after each game depending on the rating you finished the game with (0.0 – 10.0). Depending on the position, these XP are distributed among attributes in different weights. Primary values receive 100%, secondary values receive 70% and tertiary values receive 30% of the XP points earned with the game rating. So, for example, if your Virtual Pro receives a rating of 8.0, 1100 base game XP will go to all primary stats, all secondary stats will receive 770 base game XP, and all tertiary stats will still receive 330 base game XP.
Game Rating = Base Game XP
• 0 = 75 XP
• 1 = 150 XP
• 2 = 300 XP
• 3 = 450 XP
• 4 = 600 XP
• 5 = 700 XP
• 6 = 800 XP
• 7 = 950 XP
• 8 = 1100 XP
• 9 = 1275 XP
• 10 = 1500 XP
Decimal points are rounded down to the nearest whole number when calculating the XP points awarded. So if you have a rating of 5.4, your Virtual Pro will get 700 base game XP (5.4 5.0).


Bonus XP is awarded for certain actions you perform with your Virtual Pro in a game. Bonus XP differs from base game XP in that it only applies to certain stats based on the action type performed. So, you’ll get bonus XP for scoring goals, giving assists, converting free kicks, making successful and important passes, winning dribbles and duels, intercepting opponents’ balls, and winning headers. For example, if you score a goal outside the penalty area, your Virtual Pro will receive 50 bonus XP for his long-range shot value and 20 bonus XP for his shooting power value.

What are skill points?

Skill points allow you to earn skills for your Virtual Pro in the Skill Tree (Source: EA Sports)
You earn skill points by playing spontaneous games, league games, or cup games with your Virtual Pro. With Skill Points, you can unlock traits in the Skill Tree that give additional boosts to your Virtual Pro’s stats. You can also use skill points to earn skills such as “Cut Shot” or additional stars for the weak foot or skill moves.
Your Virtual Pro has a maximum of 110 skill points at his disposal. How many you get depends solely on the number of games you complete. After creating your Virtual Pro, you will initially have 15 skill points available. You will receive the remaining 95 skill points within the first 100 games you complete.
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By Stephan Murphy


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