FIFA21 Pro Clubs – this is how the mode works

Pro Clubs is a popular mode with a loyal fanbase (Source: EA Sports)
In the popular footbal simulation FIFA, almost everything has revolved around Ultimate Team (FUT) for several years now. The majority of FIFA gamers play the mode in which you can put together the team of your choice from current players and former legends. Many players, professional events and high prize money fuel the FUT hype more and more. So it’s not surprising that EA Sports pays the most attention to the Ultimate Team mode.
The problem is that other game modes are being neglected by the developers and receive less to hardly any improvements. Pro Clubs is one of them. A mode whose huge potential has been consistently ignored so far, much to the regret of its loyal following.

This is Pro Clubs

Football as realistically as possible on the console, that’s Pro Clubs. Here, the player does not control all eleven men in turn, but only one player: his pro. Accordingly, in Pro Clubs matches there are always eleven players competing against eleven others.

How the mode works

Essentially, Pro Clubs consists of three major pillars:

• the development of your own player

• the creation of a club

• the e-sport character in the different leagues

The Pro

Choose your players attributes wisely (Source: EA Sports)
To participate in the Pro Clubs mode, you first have to create your own player. You are free to do this, but attributes such as height are of course directly relevant on the virtual pitch. You also have to define your position at this point. Do you want to score goals or rather prevent them? For those who have always wanted to be a goalkeeper, this is your chance. You can change your position later in the game. Once that’s done, it’s time to train your pro and keep earning skill points to use in your skill tree.

The Club

Create your own club (Source: EA Sports)
Once you have your pro, it’s time to found your club. You can determine the logo, jerseys and stadium. However, EA Sports doesn’t allow you much more individuality at this point. Once these prerequisites have been met, you can start your Pro Club adventure. All you need are some real players, preferably ten of them, of course.
If you want to try it out on your own first, click on “spontaneous game” and you’ll be thrown together with random players and play a match against another randomly assembled team. This is ideal for gaining your first experience, because filling a single fixed position plays completely differently than the normal FIFA in which you can control all eleven players.

The leagues

If you play with your club, however, you’ll go through the leagues. EA provides 10 leagues for this purpose. Depending on how well your club does in the league, you can be moved up or down. There are also various cup competitions that you can play for.
Once you have a team together, the friendly matches section is interesting. Here you can compete with other teams. The external league system is also based on these friendly matches. Once your club is established and you have enough players, you can break away from EA Sports and compete in external leagues.
However, the mode really comes into its own in the actual eleven vs. eleven. When you’re in voice chat with your team and implementing plays, it almost feels like you’re standing on the real grass.
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By Stephan Murphy

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