FIFA21 Rulebreakers Jason Denayer SBC Solution

That is how you get the Rulebreakers card of Jason Denayer in FUT21 (Source: EA Sports)

Just in time for Halloween, a new Squad Building Challenge for the Rulebreakers Promo  will make its way into FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. The Belgian central defender Jason Denayer of Olympique Lyon is on his way to the best IV of the French Ligue 1 with his new card. We provide you with the most affordable FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Jason Denayer SBC solution.

It the Denayer card worth it?

Already the gold card of the Belgian plays like a cheap version of Virgil van Dijk, perhaps the best central defender in FIFA 21, Rulebreakers Denayer gains even more power and comes with Anchor Chemie-Stil to 99 strength. Wow!
91 defense and 94 physis: With that he doesn’t even give bulky attackers a chance. Especially since Denayer, thanks to his nation (Belgium), has excellent links and also enables hybrid teams that include Neymar or Kylian Mbappé. Rulebreaker Jason Denayer is currently one of the best non-icon central defenders in the game.

FIFA 21 Rulebreakers Jason Denayer: The most affordable solution

Nearly 56,000 coins are due for both challenges, which makes the special card still an absolute bargain. For Rulebreakers Denayer, two cheap teams have to be given away:
– Team with a player from Ligue 1 (84 OVR, minimum 75 chemistry)
– Team with a player from Belgium (84 OVR, at least 70 chemistry)

Team 1: Ligue 1

For just under 30,000 coins, we are building a hybrid team from the A series and Spanish La Liga. Goalkeeper Roman Bürki from Borussia Dortmund will be used, as well as midfielder Idrissa Gueye, who thus meets the requirements of the league. However, two other players with a score of 84 or more will do so on request.

(Source: FUTBIN)

Team 2: Belgium

Here we use goalkeeper Koen Casteels from VFL Wolfsburg to fulfill the nationality requirement. We also use Kasper Schmeichel on the right defensive side, but for lack of chemistry he can be replaced by any other card with 85 OVR or more.

If you want to know more about FIFA, check out our website. We show you how to be the best in FIFA.


If you want to know more about FIFA, check out our website. We show you how to be the best in FIFA.

By Philipp Briel

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