Squad Battles in fifa21

fifa21 squad battles - all you need to know about the fifa offline mode

 All you need to know about the FIFA21 Squad Battles (Source: EA Sports) You don´t want to compete against other players online in the popular FIFA21 Ultimate Team? Then you should take a closer look at the FUT Squad Battles. We tell you what you can expect and what rewards you can look forward to.

In FUT 21 there are the online modes Division Rivals and Weekend League, but how about a single-player mode? We´ll tell you what to expect in the FIFA21 Ultimate Team offline mode.

What are the FIFA21 Squad Battles?

In Squad Battles you compete against the FUT teams of other players or well-known professional footballers. With the difference that the teams are controlled by the CPU, so you play against the AI of FIFA21.

Before the game you decide among the difficulties, how strong your opponent is.

All earned Points flow into a total number of points each week, which is shown as a rank. Th higher the rank, the better weekly Squad Battles rewards await. The weekly rewards will be paid out on Monday night at 02:00 a.m.

What are the Squad Battles rewards?

A maximum 40 Games per week are included in your ranking and these determine your rank. The higher the rank, the better are the rewards. Here is a list of the Squad Battles rewards:


• Bronze 3: a premium loan-player-pack.
• Bronze 2: 1x gold pack
• Bronze 1: 2x gold packs and 800 coins.
• Silver 3: 1x gold pack, 1x premium gold pack and 1.500 coins.
• Silver 2: 1x gold pack, 1x premium gold pack and 4.000 coins.
• Silver 1: 2x jumbo premium gold packs and 7.000 coins
• Gold 3: 1x jumbo premium gold pack, 1x mixed prime players pack and 10.000 coins
• Gold 2: 1x premium gold player, 1x mixed prime players pack and 11.000 coins
• Gold 1: 1x premium gold players pack, 1x mixed prime players pack, 1x jumbo premium gold pack and 11.000 coins.
• Elite 3: 1x mega pack, 2x premium gold players packs and 12.000 coins.
• Elite 2: 2x mega packs, 1x premium gold players and 15.000 coins.
• Elite 1: 2x rare mega packs and 30.000 coins.
Top 200
• Rank 200-101: 1x rare players pack, 2x mega packs and 65.000 coins.
• Rank 100-41: 2x mega packs, 1x jumbo rare players pack and 65.00 coins.
• Rank 40-21: 1x jumbo rare players pack, 2x rare players packs and 75.000 coins.
• Rank 20-2: 1x ultimate pack, 2x rare players packs and 87.500 coins.
• Rank 1: 2x ultimate players packs, 2x rare mega packs and 100.000 coins.

What is new in FIFA21 Squad Battles?

New this year is the possibility to fight the Squad Battles in FUT co-op mode together with a friend. Both Players receive the weekly points and coins for their own list.

There is also a Top 200 ranking this year – so there are significantly better rewards for a good conclusion than in the previous year. If you like it a bit more competitive you can choose the “Competitor” mode.

On the Legend and Ultimate difficulty levels, this option simulates the style of play of some of the best FIFA players in the world. Of course, the weekly points for a win are significantly better.

How do I get the most points in Squad Battles?

In addition to the level of difficulty, the type of victory you win also has an impact on the points you receive for a game you win. This is where the so-called skill multiplier comes into play: Additional points are awarded, for example, for the number of goals, goals conceded, corners, accuracy of pass and much more.

Points are deducted for fouls, yellow and red cards, goals conceded or offside positions. If you play as fair as possible and keep your box clean, you make sure to get the maximum number of points from a Squad Battles game.

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By Philipp Briel

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