FIFA21: That is how the low driven shot works

You need the low driven shot in FIFA21 regularly (Source: EA SPORTS)

In the weekly challenges of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team the flat full tension shot is needed every now and then. However, this shot variant is not sufficiently explained by the game and is usually used only rarely. We tell you in our guide how to execute it.

That is how the low driven shot works

The first season in FUT 21 is coming to an end. In order to secure the most important rewards for you, it is important to complete as many of the weekly tasks as possible.

Once you have completed the Bronze category, you will unlock Silver, which will tempt you with additional XP rewards. This is followed by the Gold tasks, which are usually even more difficult, but also provide more experience points.
In the Silver Challenges of the fourth week, your task is to score a goal with a low driven shot – but how does that work?

FIFA 21: How to do the low driven shot

The good news: The execution has not changed compared to FIFA 20. Still a simple key combination is needed to execute the low driven shot in FIFA 21. In the control options of the game it is called “flat shot” by the way.

– PlayStation 4: Hold L1 and R1 and press the shot button (circle)
– Xbox One: Hold down LB and RB and then press Shoot (B Button)

The low driven shot is a powerful variation into the lower corners of the door and is especially suitable from a short distance. It is needed from time to time during the weekly tasks, so it is worthwhile to include the low driven shot in your repertoire.

If you want to get more Knowledge about FIFA21, Check out our Homepage. We show you everything you need to know about the game, to ensure to step up your game.


By Philipp Briel

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