FIFA21 Ultimate Team: 5 affordable icons

These 5 icons improve your FUT team (Source: EA Sports)

You are looking for the perfect team chemistry in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, but something is still missing? This is where the icons come into play: legendary footballers from past eras of sport. We present you 5 cheap FUT 21 icons that will immediately strengthen your team.

FIFA21 affordable icons: 5 legends for the FUT mode

FIFA 21 Icons do not necessarily have to be expensive. Some of the legends are even cheaper on the transfer market than for example a Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, Bruno Fernandes or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The advantage: They fit into absolutely any team and provide you with good (yellow) or perfect (green) connections to your other players. Eleven new icons await you in FIFA 21, among them for example Philipp Lahm or Bastian Schweinsteiger. We present you five inexpensive FIFA 21 Icons, which are worth their money.

Genaro Gattuso (Base Icon) – 85 OVR
Price: Around 515,000 coins

The basic version of Gattuso is not only the strongest version of the Italian midfielder, it also marks one of the best ZDM players in FIFA 21, and people really pay over 1 million coins for Rulebreakers Pogba, who is inferior to Gattuso in every area.

Rui Costa (Mid Icon) – 88 OVR
Price: Around 410,000 coins

In search of a strong link to Cristiano Ronaldo, the medium version of Rui Costa is a real bargain. A strong and with the right chemistry style fast midfielder at a reasonable price, who also cuts a fine figure on the wing. For example in the 4-2-2 formation.

Fabio Cannavaro (Mid Icon) – 89 OVR
Price: Around 550,000 coins

A central defender with 86 speed and 97 defensive for a bargain price? Give it to me! Minimal more expensive than the best gold central defender Virgil Van Dijk and rulebreakers Aymeric Laporte and with links to all other players. Outstanding.

Raul (Mid Icon) – 88 OVR
Price: Around 740,000 coins

96 speed, 93 shooting, plus a left foot, equipped with a finesse shot trait and strong heading. The Spanish legend Raul is an absolute insider tip among the FIFA 21 Icons and doesn’t have to hide behind strikers like Kylian Mbappé or Marcus Rashford.

Carles Puyol (base icon) – 86 OVR
Price: Around 280,000 coins

The baby version of Puyol is not a central defender, but is at home on the right defensive side. Due to a lack of speed (76) the Spaniard is hardly noticed there. A big mistake! Especially if you have a fast central defender, which you can then easily switch with Puyol using the tactics in the game.

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By Philipp Briel

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