FIFA21 Ultimate Team 5 affordable Meta Icons

Are you looking for the perfect team chemistry in FIFA21 Ultimate Team? This is where the FIFA21 Icons come in: legendary footballers from past eras of the sport.

Many FUT players need icons to make it possible to play the best players from different leagues in one team on the highest possible chemistry in FIFA21 Ultimate Team.

The advantage: Icons fit into absolutely every team and always give you good (yellow) or perfect (green) connections to your other players. We present you 5 affordable icons with a perfect price-performance ratio, which fit perectly to the FIFA21 meta and strengthen your team immediately.

Clarence Seedorf (Mid Icon) – 88 OVR

Price: Around 450.000 coins

The mid-icon of Clarence Seedorf is the best version of the Dutch midfielder if you need an offensive box-to-box player in your team’s midfield. Besides his outstanding offensive stats and and his 4 star Skills, he is also strong defensively with a Shadow Chemistry style. His high stamina value allows him to perform at full capacity offensively and defensively throughout the game.

Marcel Desailly (Mid Icon) – 88 OVR

Price: Around 450.000 coins

Marcel Desailly’s mid-icon is initially off-putting for many players due to his position and weak passing stats. However, for players who want to play five-back formations or swap an offensive player on defense with a defensive player on offense, he is the perfect solution chemically. If you can switch your tactics in-game that Desailly is playing on full chemistry in central defense, this card offers some of the best value in the entire game.

Gianluca Zambrotta (Prime Icon) – 89 OVR

Price: Around 540.000 coins

If you go by the FIFA21 meta, Gianluca Zambrotta is the perfect card when you need another defender in your team. Besides his enormous speed and his strong defensive, physical, passing and dribbling stats, he also has the attribute 5 stars weak foot. This means he can be used in all positions in defense. Whether you play him as a central defender or as a fullback is up to you.

Carlos Alberto (Mid Icon) – 90 OVR

Price: Around 600.000 coins

If you need a central defender who fits to the FIFA21 meta and can keep up with the best cards in the game, Carlos Alberto is the right choice. Because of this year’s meta it is important to have very fast players in the center of the defense, who have good defensive stats. Despite his position (RB), due to his high speed and his strong defensive and physical stats he is also a popular choice among many e-sports players in central defense.

Eric Cantona (Baby Icon) – 88 OVR

Price: Around 880.000 coins

Despite his height of 1.88m and a physique stat of 90, Eric Cantona has 5 star skills and a dribbling stat of 90! He also has strong passing, shooting and pace stats. This makes him one of the most complete and unpredictable strikers in the game. With Eric Cantona, you have a striker who can do it all and improve your team tremendously. This card defenitly lives up to its price!

by Patrick Kreichgauer

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