FIFA21 Ultimate Team - The best team and tips for beginners

You are looking for a cheap team which you can reach the best possible ranks in the FIFA21 Ultimate Team Weekend League with? Here is the perfect team for you.
Although many players in the current phase of FIFA21 Ultimate Team have strong teams, we would like to show you an absolute FIFA21 Ultimate meta-team that is in the budget of FIFA21 Ultimate Team beginners. This team can compete with the best teams in the game! Moreover, it can help you to perform better in the FIFA21 Weekend League or Division Rivals.
Starting XI (Source: Futbin)
The team is a hybrid team and consists of the best players from the Premiere League (ENG) and Liga Santander (ESP). Each position is filled perfectly that your team can compete with the best teams in FIFA21 Ultimate Team. It is built in the 4-3-3 formation to get the best possible team chemistry. However, in game it is played in the 4-4-2 formation.
Formation in game (Source: FUTBIN)
Info: You will reach the team chemistry of 100 with this team when all players have received their loyalty bonus. They will receive it after ten completed games for your club if you buy them on the transfer market. If you receive players from packs or SBCs as first owners, they will have the loyalty bonus immediately. To play Sadio Mane and Raheem Sterling on 7 Chemistry, you need a coach from the Premiere League. Also note that Mane must be converted to the LF position and Sterling to the LM position.

Tips & Tricks for beginners

Play Squad Battles

The first thing you should do is play Squad Battles. You can play up to 40 games every week. Complete the games on the difficulty level you feel comfortable with and try to get as many points as possible to get good coins and pack bonuses on the following Monday.

Play Division Rivals

If you have a halfway usable team that you feel comfortable with you should play your Division Rivals placement matches. Finish these five matches and the system will place you in a ranked division, where you can play up to 30 matches each week.
Try to get as many wins and points as possible to get even better rewards every Thursday. More importantly, you will get a massive stack of coins just for completing the placement matches. That is ideal for building your starter squad. If you earn enough skill points and get into the next division, you will earn even more coins. Division Rivals rewards are released each Thursday morning 8 am UK time, but you get the placement and promotion coins immediately.
With valuable players and consumables from the Squad Battle rewards and the coins you receive from the Division Rivals rewards and placement matches, you should be able to afford the team listed above within 1-2 weeks.
If you want to get more knowledge about FIFA21, check out our CLUB. We show you everything you need to know about the game, to ensure to step up your game.


By Patrick Kreichgauer


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