FIFA21 Ultimate Team the best team for 1 million coins

FIFA21 Ultimate Team the best team for 1 million coins (Source: Futbin)
You are looking for a cheap team with which you can reach the best possible ranks in the FIFA21 Ultimate Team Weekend League? Here we have the perfect team for you.
Although many players in the current phase of FIFA21 Ultimate Team have well over 1 million coins and have strong teams, we would like to show you an absolute FIFA21 Ultimate meta- team that is in the budget of many FIFA21 players. This team can compete with the best teams in the game! Moreover, it can help you to perform better in the FIFA21 Weekend League.
The team is a hybrid team and consists of the best players from Premiere League (ENG), Ligue 1 (FRA) and Liga Santander (ESP). Every position is filled perfectly that your team can compete with the best teams in FIFA21 Ultimate Team. It is built in the 4-3-3 formation to get the best possible team chemistry. However, in game it is played in the 4-4-2 formation.
starting XI (source: futbin)

GK – Rui Patricio (84) (7.000 coins)

To get Nelson Semedo on 7 chemistry in central defense, we need Rui Patricio in goal. Due to his balanced stats, a height of 1.90 m and the “come for crosses” trait, he is a very good choice in goal.

LB - Ferland Mendy (83) (8.000 coins)

For only 8,000 coins you can get Ferland Mendy, one of the best left backs in the game. He is one of the most used players in FIFA21 Ultimate Team (FUT). Due to his high speed, his 5 star weak foot, his perfect work rate (high/high) and his solid defensive and physical stats, he is the perfect left-back for your team.

CB – Raphael Varane (86) (35.000 coins)

Due to this year’s FIFA21 meta, you need fast center backs in your team to avoid being easily outplayed by fast attackers during an opponent’s attack. Despite his height of 1.91 m, Varane is still one of the fastest center backs in the game. Moreover, he has a speed of 82 and strong defensive and physical stats. That´s why he is one of the most used players in FIFA21.

CB – Nelson Semedo (83) (5.000 coins)

At first, some of you may be wondering why Nelson Semedo is in the central defense. Thanks to the individual tactics setting, he switches to the right back position. The 7 chemistry is almost not noticeable on a right back in the game. With him you have a fast and agile defender with high stamina in your FIFA21 Ultimate Team.

RB – Kyle Walker (85) (20.000 coins)

With Kyle Walker on 10 chemistry you have one of the best center backs in the whole game in your team, His inform variant, which received a position change to (CB), costs 650,000 coins more on the transfer market and is still used by many e-sports players. Because of this year’s meta, you need fast center backs! For this reason, Kyle Walker is the perfect choice next to Raphael Varane.

CM – Georginio Wijnaldum (85) (15.000 coins)

The offensive CM in the team is Geogino Wijnaldum. Due to his work rate (high/high), his high stamina and his strong all-round stats he is the perfect box-to-box player who can perfectly contribute to the game offensively and defensively.

CM – N´golo Kante (88) (50.000 coins)

The defensive CM in the team is N’golo Kante. He is responsible for defending the opponent’s attacks and intercepting passes in the midfield in front of the defense. Due to his work rate (medium/high) and his outstanding dribbling, defensive and physical stats, N’golo Kante is one of the best defensive midfielders in FIFA21.

CM – Kylian Mbappe (90) (350.000 coins)

In order to get the team’s star player Kylian Mbappe on full chemistry, he first has to be placed in the CM position. In the game, however, he plays up front thanks to the individual tactics setting. In addition to his outstanding speed, dribbling and shooting stats, he also has 5 star skills and 4 star weak foot. That makes him one of the best strikers in FIFA21.

LW – Neymar (91) (280.000 coins)

The second striker in the team is none other than Neymar. For only 280.000 coins you get one of the best players in the whole game. Thanks to his perfect speed, dribbling, finishing and passing stats and his 5 star skills – 5 star weak foot combo, he is unpredictable and irreplaceable in attack. That´s why he is still used by many e-sport pros and elite players.

RW – Mohamed Salah (90) (75.000 coins)

The right midfielder in the team is Mohamed Salah. He has great pace, a high stamina, strong traits, fast dribbling and a strong finish. This makes him dangerous on the wing throughout the entire game.

ST – Sadio Mane (90) (70.000 coins)

The last player in the team is Sadio Mane. He plays in left midfield. Like his offensive teammates, Mane has tremendous speed and outstanding dribbling stats. Furthermore, the Senegalese is very strong in front of the goal. His offensive stats are already very strong in all areas. That´s why he is still one of the best wingers in FIFA21 despite the player chemistry of 7.
ingame XI (source: futbin)
Info: You will reach the team chemistry of 100 with this team when all players have received their loyalty bonus. They will receive it after ten completed games for your club, if you buy them on the transfer market. If you receive players from packs or SBCs as first owners, they will have the loyalty bonus immediately. To play Sadio Mane and Nelson Semedo on 7 Chemistry, you also need a coach from the Premiere League. Also note that Mane must be converted to the LF position.
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By Patrick Kreichgauer

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